Doctor Who Expanded
Race: Olympians/Time Lords
Home planet: Olympus
Home era: 32 BC - ?
First appearance: The Gods of the Greek
Last appearance: The the Time War and the War God
Portrayed by: Tom Baker

Character History[]

Zeus is the King of the Planet Olympus. He has a machine which creates lightning. His father is The Glutton, a Time Lord. Greek Mythology is based on the Olympians. The Glutton was the first Time Lord to travel through time. His father, the Traveller, could only travel through space. The Glutton is who the God of Time is based on, and the Traveller is the God of the Sky. Zeus, whose original Time Lord Title was the Thunderer, makes lightning with his machine, the Strikerbot. He imprisons the Doctor 'in the depths of Tartarus', but Hades, Zeus's brother sets them free. The Strikerbot slowly turns against him, and eventually kills him. He is spotted in the Underworld, in 'Time War and the God of War'. Hades becomes the new king. RS, a robot created to make war and destruction, urges Davros to create the Daleks, and starts the Time War, in the next episode featuring Zeus!

List of Appearances[]

The Gods of the Greek The Time War and the War God