Doctor Who Expanded
Zacharias Cobb
Home planet: Halldogen - Original

Calladra - Adopted

Home era: 39th Century
Travelled with: Mathew Urch Doctor
Scott D. Harris Doctor
First appearance: Calladra
Last appearance: Ongoing
Portrayed by: Nick Cochran - "Calladra" only

Caith Donovan - "Las Pinturas Negras" onwards

Series: CP Studios

"How do I get myself into these messes?"

Character History[]

Zacharias Cobb joined the TARDIS crew around six months after Whitney, consequently making him the group’s junior member. Strongly opinionated and self-assured, Zacharias is more than aware of his first-class education and has absolutely no qualms about reminding people of it whenever he can. He usually does this with some trick of computer wizardry or mechanical expertise, which qualifies him not only to be responsible for K9’s maintenance, but as the Doctor’s on again-off again co-pilot and laboratory assistant. Zacharias is quick to show fear, openly preferring to remedy confrontations with alien threats by putting as much space between himself and it as he can. He can be coerced to do otherwise, usually by Whitney or the Doctor, but in such cases it is guaranteed he will make his displeasure regarding the situation known to all and sundry.

When it comes to his familial ties, Zacharias is venomous and hateful if he can be convinced to talk about them at all, and even looks upon the destruction of his adopted homeworld Calladra with alarming callousness, deeming it little more than an inconvenience. In spite of his upsetting background, however, Zacharias has a heart of gold, and cares deeply for his new family. The Doctor represents a combination of all the male role models he never got to see while he was growing up; the wisdom of a father, the quirkiness of a favorite uncle and the charisma of a teacher. Whitney treats him like her brother, but his feelings for her continue to grow into something more, and admitting this is a painful and confusing challenge he has yet to overcome. His gentler aspect arises whenever she really needs the warmth of another human, which is enough for the time being. The companions have glimpsed the hero that lives within him, and one day he may see it for himself.

Zacharias was born to Horatio Cobb and Fortescue Cobb (nee Smythe) on July 16th, 3816 (relative Earth date). The second of three children, Zacharias was born to give his mother something to show off to her friends. His older brother, Horatio Cobb, Jr.  or, as he prefers to be known, CJ (for Cobb, Jr.)  is a wannabe MMA fighter. Mitzi, his little sister, was born due to his mother being bored with Zacharias and wanting a daughter to spoil. A sweet child, she’s quickly being turned into as vapid and bitchy a person as her mother.



  • While Caith Donovan voices this character, the visual model used is Dylan O'Brien of Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner.