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Season One, Episode Three
Air date 14/11/11
Written by Thomas Collins
Directed by Matthew Beale
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The Legion of the Damned

This is the second and final episode of the second series of Plover Close.


When Sally disappears it's up to Jack to find her. But what awaits in the heart of Braseford forest and what is the purpose the creatures that roam the streets of Plover Close?

What Lurks in the Shadows

Jack shooting the Wild Vorasion army to protect Sally.


  • This episode concludes the story arc of the Wild Vorasions plans first established in The Power of the Mind
  • This episode reintroduces the Newsreader and introduces the Leader who is in charge of the Wild Vorasions
  • This is the first episode to feature Jack's pet dog who has never been in the show before and has confused some fans about how he managed to get this dog.

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What Lurks in the Shadows