Doctor Who Expanded

A guide to websites for completed fan films, audios, fiction, and databases of each.


The Doctor Who Fan Film Database
Botcherby's Fan Audio Dramas Database & Blog
Nerva Beacon - The Doctor Who Fan Audios Database


Altered Vistas
The Beeblebrox Company [wiki page]
BTR Productions [wiki page]
BTR Productions Wiki
Cavendish Productions
Cheeky Monkey Pictures [wiki page]
DAM Productions [wiki page]
Devious [wiki page]
Dr Puppet & 99 Acre Woods [wiki page]
Evil Donkey Movies
The Federation
MEV Productions
Paul Johnson Films
Professor What
Seattle International Films [wiki page]
Vortx Productions
Well Billt Productions
Westlake Films


Argolis Productions
The Audio Visuals [wiki page]
BrokenSea Audio Productions [wiki page]
BTR Productions [wiki page]
BTR Productions Wiki
Cavendish Productions
The Crossover Adventures [wiki page]
DAM Productions [wiki page]
Darker Projects
DNA [wiki page]
The Doctor Who Audio Dramas [wiki page]
Dogma [wiki page]
Dream Realm Enterprises [wiki page]
Fineline Productions
Floorten [wiki page]
Fourth Dimension Lords
JA Johnson/Audiofanfic
JM&KH Productions
Planet Skaro Audios [wiki page]
Random Audio Fiction
Season 27 Productions
Sigma Phi Kappa [wiki page]
Staggering Stories
TARDIS Library
Time Tunnel (Cyber War)
Time Tunnel (Monster Mash)
Yorkwood (1-7) & Yorkwood (8)
Whovianity Productions

Fan Fiction[]


AV Century 21: The Daleks [wiki page]
Second Empire [wiki page]
The Ten Doctors [wiki page]


The Great Novel(la) of Doom(ish) [wiki page]
The Sagas of Ska-Rak [wiki page]

Short Stories[]

Doctor Who: The Legacy (Facebook)
The Doctor Who Project [wiki page]
The History of the Doctor
Planet Skaro