The Wealth of Craytians
Season: 3
Story Number: 4
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Edward Bradley
Writer: Lissa Levesque
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: June 2009
Running Time: 50 minutes
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: The Hand of Peace
Following Story: The Kalrexi Mutation



The TARDIS arrives on a Shroon Battle Cruiser in deep space. Investigating a confrontation between two ages-old empires, The Doctor and Ed become entangled in the insane machinations of people with somewhat extraordinary ideas about how best to win the War...


  • The Craytian-Shroon war was briefly mentioned in A Baron For All Seasons, placing this story somewhere in the 34th century.




  • Written by Lissa Levesque
  • Produced by Steve Alexander

Production NotesEdit

  • This story was mainly recorded in Summer 2008, but was affected by the recording issues that crippled Christmas Spirits. However, when Christmas Spirits was re-recorded, so too was much of this adventure, enabling it to be salvaged.
  • This story was consequently one of two adventures this season to be recorded over six months before release, the other being The Kalrexi Mutation
  • The part of Dooris is the smallest credited role ever in a Planet Skaro audio, with one word. It was played by Simon Rayner, and is his only part to date. Even though the part is credited in the script, however, it is not credited on the CD sleeve
  • The part of Crewman is the role recorded by the largest number of different people, since four people recorded all the lines before a usable version was reached.
  • The CD bonus adventure for this story, "Opium of the Masses", was written and submitted as a short story, but adapted into a script by Si Hunt when it was felt it would work best in this form
  • The title is a pun on The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith- a written account of economics at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.


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