Doctor Who Expanded
War on Gallifrey
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Thirteenth Doctor (Daniel Isaac)
Writer Daniel Isaac
Broadcast 24th May 2011
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"Vengeance from Hell" "Walking into Death"

War on Gallifrey is the Third episode of Time and Space Season 3. It is the first ever episode of Time and Space where the Doctor has no companion.


A Timelord is seen running. He tries to contact the high council of the timelrods but is killed before succession.

The Doctor wakes up inside his tardis to an alarm, to which the tardis is shaking rapidly. The tardis stops and is dead. The Doctor goes outside to work out where he is, and when he sees daleks in the sky realises that he is in the timewar.

The Doctor then says he must get to the timelord council to get a tardis crystal so that he can boot up the tardis and escape the dreaded war. He takes an smg and leaves the tardis.

At a Timelord command bunker, Rassilon orders an attack and a fire fight occurs with the daleks killing many timelords.

The Doctor arrives at the bunker and gets the tardis crystal, but must first travel to a bunker where the timelords lost contact with. The Doctor agrees and travels there. On the way there the Doctor begins to experience traumatic memories of the loss of David, Zack and Gregson. He eventually encounters insane humans who he kills all but one.

The Doctor arrives at the bunker and meets The Nightmare Child. The Nightmare Child informs the Doctor that he is dreaming and is actually asleep in the tardis. He offers to keep the Doctor dreaming but bring back Zack and David. The Doctor declines knowing that his friends are gone forever, he then shoots himself in order to wake up.

The Doctor wakes up inside the tardis and imprisones the Nightmare Child in the tardis core, to live there for eternity. The Doctor then explains that he declined the Nightmare Child's offer because he still had hope to see his friends again.


  • The Timewar is visited
  • The Doctor's tardis dies, simular to in the official series episode "Rise of the Cybermen"
  • Rassilon is seen
  • The Master is mentioned
  • Daleks appear in this episode, not as models but as CGI
  • The Nightmare Child makes an appearance
  • This episode has been one of the most looked forward to episodes
  • This is the first ever Time and Space episode where the Doctor has no companion