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War Torn
Season Number: 2
Story Number: 3
Doctor: Ronn Smith Doctor
Companions: Amara, Grae
Writer: Kyle Borcz & Julio Angel Ortiz
Producer: Dream Realm Enterprises
Release Date: March 2008
Running Time: 92 minutes
No. Episodes: 4 episodes
Previous Story: The Net
Following Story: The Lost



On the war ravaged planet Aniron, two colonies of humanoids, the Draimans and the Trages, are dead-locked in a ferocious civil war. When the Doctor arrives to discover that both sides have been experimenting with time technology, he realizes that things could spiral out of control very quickly.


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The Doctor: Ronn Smith
Amara: Rebecca McCarthy
Camille: Sara Garrard
Grae: Laura Post
Lt. Julian Stryker: Phil Colvin
Dr. Irina Rose: Sally Wiget
Col. Josef Garcia: Jim Barbour
Col. Kristof Wood: Steve Dunlap
Cpt. Hal Victor: Joe Thomas
Sgt. Ian Henry: Rich Pennachio, Jr.
Dr. Weston: Elie Hirschman
Computer Voice: Kae Woo
Tristov: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Jonnas: Jim Barbour
Lucius: Elie Hirschman
Female Agent: Kae Woo
Guard 1: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Guard 2: Jim Barbour
Guard 3: Rich Pennachio, Jr.
Soldier #1: Shane Harris
Soldier #2: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Intercomm Announcer 1: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Intercomm Announcer 2: Elie Hirschman
Wrist Comm Officer: Elie Hirschman
Draiman Captain: Jeff Niles


Sound Designer/Exec Producer/Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Producer: Kyle Borz
Co-Producer: Ronn Smith
Post Production Editor: Jeff Niles
Special Thanks: Wayne Heywood

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