"Well, I'm told I was quite precocious as a child, but I'd hardly call myself devilish."

Savage Era
Vincent Savage Doctor
No. seasons: 12
No. stories: 60 (+1 pilot)
First appearance: Doomsday (1981 pilot)
Portal (1982)
Last appearance: The Crucible of Terror (1983)
Portrayed by: Vincent Savage
Preceded by: Unknown
Succeeded by: David Segal Doctor
Series: DWAD

The Vincent Savage Doctor, as heard in the first twelve seasons of The Doctor Who Audio Dramas (DWAD), is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Vincent Savage.


Vincent Savage was the first audio incarnation of the Doctor, and played him from 1981-1983. His tenure saw the introduction of the Zylons, an insectoid race whose most recent appearance was in the Jeffrey Coburn-era story Target Zylon.

First StoryEdit

  • Doomsday (1981; unreleased, non-canonical pilot serial)
  • Portal (1982; Savage Doctor's real introduction story)

This incarnation was not given a proper "origin" story, so as to prevent continuity errors with the then-ongoing BBC series. He apparently comes after the BBC Doctors, so he may be from a timeline where the Doctor either survived past his 13th incarnation or died and was resurrected for some purpose.

Last StoryEdit


Many of the DWAD's fans ask if Vincent Savage is real, as he sounds like David Segal talking in a deep voice. What is known is that Mr. Savage only provides the voice. The picture is of Gary Conway.

Only one story has been released from Savage's tenure – Dreamscape (1982).


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