Doctor Who Expanded
Vera Jundrey/ Christmas
Affiliated with: Planet Skaro Doctor, Professor Endelmann, Scott, Craig, Father Christmas
Race: Human
Home planet: Gidi
Home era: The far future
Portrayed by: Simon Hart
Series: Planet Skaro Audios

Vera Jundrey is an ally of the Planet Skaro Doctor, and a recurring character in the Planet Skaro Audios. She first appeared in Echoes of the Protii.

Character History[]

Mrs Vera Jundrey is a lady of indertiminate age who's path keeps crossing the Doctor's again and again and again (so far).

Mot much is known about Vera's life aside from a few hints from Waterguard Humba that she's renowned for losing husbands in mysterious circumstances. Her involvement with the infmaous Ranx expedition also cast some doubts on her innocence, but the Ranx expedition was actually wiped up by the Protii. Despite these rumours, Vera is shown to have a heart of gold buried deep beneath her rather dotty exterior.

Her path first crossed the Doctor's when she marched into a cafe and slapped him, having mistaken him for her devious ex-husband, Barry. After the Doctor explained that he'd never been mistaken for a man named Barry before, the two struck up a friendship, with the Doctor warily trying to keep the smitten Vera at arms length. He's only been moderately successful at this and is often overwhelmed by her kisses and hugs.

List of Appearances[]