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Affiliated with: DMCDW/Devante 12th Doctor
Race: Varned
Home planet: Varnos (although they often live on other planets aswell)
Home era: 21st century
First appearance: invasion of the varneds
Portrayed by: DMCDW (voice and opperator)
Series: DMCDW prouductions


Varneds are usally calm and docile aliens but when controlled by there shipmaster (the leader of there starships , which from the out side looks normal but the inside is like a metal villiage.) They can act angry and will bite which injects venomus posion . The genral was a shipmaster who went powermad but was arrested by a varned called Gilligan arrested him .  But in 2011  the genral travelled back in time and began a war with earth but first locked up gilligan but together The Doctor , harry , Tony and gilligan Kill the Genral and free the varneds who the genral made into slaves.

Notable Varneds[]

  • The genral
  • Gilligan
  • Mark (Torchwood 4)
  • Vomeo


  • Venomus Bite - the cure is there oil for there spaceships which the Doctor drinks
  • Frog -like abilitys ( Jumping and speed)
  • Teliportation
  • Good sense of smell
  • Some varneds can morph into people.

Behind the scenes[]

  1. The Varneds are frog teddy bears
  2. There voice changes from low and echoed to high pitch.
  3. there voice changes