Doctor Who Expanded

The following scripts for Planet Skaro Audios reached at least scripting stage but have to date not been made.

  • The Doomsday Vault

The Doctor, Nick and Rob materilise in a mysterious underground complex which has become infected by a deadly fungus

  • Landfall: Raaga

Some stranded Terileptils attempt to hijack the TARDIS on a distant planet.

  • Phantasma

A young boy called James Allen joins the trail of a new dance band, Phantasma, which is really a front for a possibly alien organisation.

  • A Day In The Life

Intergalatic journalist Louix Theron thinks he has the scoop of a lifetime when the Doctor agrees to take him for an exclusive trip through time and space - an ordinary day for The Doctor, an extraordinary day for Louix...

  • The Hive Of Moondarra

The Hive of Moondarra reached full synopsis change, and would have been the fifth story of the second season, had "Eye of the Daleks" not been made. It was very similar to "Eye" in tone, but was set in space and gave more of a starring role to Nick. Edward Bradley would also have returned.

  • Revenge at Clear Waters

The Clear Waters appreciation society take revenge against the Doctor for getting the show cancelled...

  • The Man Who Sold The World

This story reached the synopsis stage, and would have seen Rob being tricked into selling the Earth to Tor Garane, who then planned to auction it off to various invading aliens. This idea formed the basis of what would eventually become 2009's A Baron For All Seasons which did not feature any of the TARDIS team.

  • The Zvraxian Incident

The Master hatches a plan involving the Eternals on the planet Zvraxir, with the help of natives Hrax and Xlixia and the alien Ioam.

- with thanks to the talented writers whose scripts and ideas we have so far been unable to realise