Unnatural Future
Season: 4
Story Number: 4
Doctor: Matthew Beale
Companions: Rosie Williams (Megan Beale)
Writer: Matthew Beale
Producer: Deck 10 Productions
Release Date: 24th November 2016
Running Time: 36m 43s
Previous Story: Interloper
Following Story: Dark Ice

"You’ll never leave this mountain alive, Doctor; I’m going to make damn sure of that!"



The Harvester stands triumphant.

Earth on the brink of war.

The Doctor in chains.

UNIT silenced.

Rosie Williams and Chris Stevens are the only ones who know the truth to bring down the Harvester and rescue the world from itself...


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The Doctor: Matthew Beale
Rosie Williams: Megan Beale
Chris Stevens: Daniel Wright
Captain Mills: Blair Harrison
Robert Silas: Joel H. Joelson
Roger Montgomery: Alex Ranahan
UNIT Personnel: Rachel Husband
American Guard: Pat Palmerston
Cheyenne Mountain Announcer: Alex Kapila
The Representative: Sally Vicary
The Lone Harvester: Matthew Beale


Written, directed, produced and cover art by Matthew Beale
Music by Kevin MacLeod & Murray Gold
Title music by Eaglestriker
Remixed by Matthew Beale

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