Doctor Who Expanded
Two Companions
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Jake Ford (Thomas Davis)
Writer Daniel Isaac
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"The Day of Reckoning" "Left Behind"

Two Companions is a Children in Need Special set between Episodes four and five (The Day of Reckoning/Left Behind) of Time and Space Season 2.


"What's happening Doctor?"

(Two Zack's)

The Doctor and Zack are talking in the tardis, until it malfunctions. The Doctor tells Zack to go next door and get a spanner. Zack leaves and the Doctor continues working. He then looks up to see Zack. He asks him if he got the spanner but Zack says he musn't have heard him. So Zack leaves. The Doctor doesn't realise what's going on, but then two Zack's enter the room. To the Doctor's astonishment, he realises that two tardis have crashed together, making the past Zack be onboard the present tardis. Zacks asks his past self where he is, and he says they just escaped WWIII (War and Peace S1E5). The Doctor then sends Zack back to his own tardis and the real Zack and Doctor travel away.


- Zack talk about the events of Season 1 Episode 4 and 5