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Doctor Who: Twice Upon a Timelord (2008) is a fan film made on The Sci-Fi Cruise that stars officials doctor who stars!

Most notably it features Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor, Sophie Aldred as Ace and John Levene as John Benton. Marking the first time Benton has met this tardis crew in any medium.


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Main Cast[]

  • The Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
  • Ace - Sophie Aldred
  • John Benton - John Levene
  • The Master - Ed Comstock
  • Gloria - Jennifer Woods
  • Janice - Judi Heath
  • UNIT Captain - Jennifer Lowden
  • Wilfred - Jason Tucker
  • James - Mark Guindon
  • Melissa - Ruth Kubierschky
  • George - Dan Murphy
  • Katlyn - Kate Waterous
  • Young Doctor - Adam Henderson
  • Young Master - William Henderson
  • Juggler - Vince Henderson
  • Ship's Crewman - Jamie Pihan
  • Wedding Ushers - Richard Poser & Jack Beven


  • Written by: Judi Heath & Dan Harris
  • Director:
  • Producer: Dan Harris
  • Cinematography, Sound and Editing by: Dan Harris
  • Additional Camera:
  • Creative Consultant:
  • Continuity:


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Story notes []

  • This Story marks the first Sci-Fi Cruise Fan Film to not be written by Jennifer Lowden as well as be written by only two writers.
  • Benton recognize The Doctor in his Seventh incarnation but doesn't know of Ace, this implies there an unseen adventure with the Seventh Doctor, Benton and Mel.
  • This story marks John Levene first time playing Benton in a visual medium since 1987s Wartime.

Filming locations[]

Recorded on location in

Production errors[]

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