Turkey, Tinsel and Terror
Season: 3
Story Number: 4 (Christmas Special)
Doctor: Matthew Beale
Companions: Rosie Williams (Megan Beale)

Warren (Billy Treacy)

Writer: Matthew Beale
Producer: Deck 10 Productions
Release Date: 5th January 2016
Running Time: 26m 57s
Previous Story: March of the Wicker Men
Following Story: The Skaro Inheritance

"Welcome to Hartland Holiday Park!"



Hartland Holiday Park boasts of idyllic sea views, knock-down cheap chalets and top-class entertainment. When a murder is committed during the Doctor, Rosie and Warren's holiday, Turkey and Tinsel week is rudely interrupted and the Doctor is on the case. But Warren is tiring of following the Doctor around and Rosie is exhausted by the weight of her travels. Is this the end of the line for the TARDIS crew?


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The Doctor: Matthew Beale
Rosie Williams: Megan Beale
Warren: Billy Treacy
Mike: Joseph Frith
Zak: Jack Turner
Dirk: Thomas Collins
Dacio: Matthew Beale
Man: Darren Beale


Written by Matthew Beale
Script edited by Darren Beale
Directed, produced and cover art by Matthew Beale
Music by Kevin MacLeod & Murray Gold
Title music by Eaglestriker
Remixed by Matthew Beale

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