Doctor Who Expanded
Torchwood Kids
Torchwood Kids episode
Stephen Smith
Unnamed character
Writer Stephen Paternoster, James Chaplin
Broadcast unmade and never released
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"spin off to Twelfth Doctor Adventures (Crash4563 Productions)" "spin off to Thirteenth Doctor Adventures (Crash4563 Productions)"

In the words of Stephen Paternoster[]

​'​Torchwood Kids was an idea that I created but not the name and I was inspired by somebody else who also created a Torchwood series called Torchwood Phoenix Division. ​I liked this idea and was I thinking I need to make my own Torchwood series as well so I approached my cousin James Chaplin and pitched the idea to him and at the time we were making both of our Doctor Who series together and also a Dogs Dinner a musical series. James liked the idea but we needed a name and James came out with the name Torchwood Kids and the name just stuck insantly and it seemed right and perfect that we created a spin off series to our main Doctor Who series so that everything could co-exist and our Doctor Who universe could expand.

​We started to advertise for Torchwood Kids and created three trailers and one was filmed and we also took a photograph of ourselves in a funny miserable looking pose. These trailers appeared on our Doctor Who episodes on YouTube at the time so people out there knew we were going to make a Torchwood series and the next thing we had to do was how could we utilize this concept and get into a development stage and well we did get into a sort of early development stage and got things moving and it was James that flushed out an enitre series one and listed all of the episodes and put on his website and also mine. We kind of wanted this to be an entire series and also wanted a series one and series two and had that thought but the best thing to do first was we needed to make a pliot epsiode to see if this could take off and become a series and also test the water to see if people wanted a Torchwood series and also liked it.

​So me and James decided to make a pilot episode for Torchwood Kids and halted our Doctor Who series and other stuff at the time. On the day of filming the pliot episode we filmed some footage because we knew what characters and storyline was going to be in it as Stephen Smith was the main character and the other character that did not have a name and we never did give that character a name to be honest and me and James were unsure should this be a series or just a film. So what happened next then well me and James were torn and not sure what to do with Torchwood Kids and interest in the entire thing itself was fading away and we decided it was to much of a workload and we were just taking on to much and we decided it was best to scrap the entire project.

So why was Torchwood Kids scrapped?. Looking back it was the lack of interest that killed it off and also we never had a proper storyline that was to be fully integrated with it like the unnamed character that never had name that's an example. We might of flushed an entire series one with lists of episodes out but that would of only happened if we actually continued to film and make the pliot episode. We were torn between should be a film or a series that lead to it being eventually scrapped altogether."

​It happened just insantly but it was probably the right thing to do at the time and when me and James finished up and we went our own ways I reused Torchwood Kids and transformed into Sky Team and created a new entire project on my own that took off and just resued it with a different name. Back then I didn't but now I see it that way.

​If Torchwood Kids took off then maybe it could of done well but it was just something that did not happen.


Stephen Smith and unnamed character played by James Chaplin both work for Torchwood and protect Earth against hostile alien invasions.


Stephen Smith and the unnamed character work for Torchwood and defend Earth and humanity against alien threats.


If Torchwood Kids was actually made it would of acted as a spin off to both Twelfth Doctor Adventures (Crash4563 Productions) and Thirteenth Doctor Adventures (Crash4563 Productions). The main character was to be Stephen Smith and also another character as well but it was never named the entire series would of been about Stephen Smith and the unnamed character working for Torchwood and protecting Earth against alien threats the series could of possibly of been set after the Doctors death when Stephen inherited the Doctors TARDIS and continued his legacy and joined with Torchwood to protect Earth and another possibility is when Stephen was not travelling with the Doctor he could of joined with Torchwood then as well before the Doctors death. Though since the series was never made Stephen never joined Torchwood and it is Non-Canon.

Production Notes[]

Torchwood Kids begun as an idea that Stephen Paternoster pitched to his cousin James Chaplin and they both liked the idea. Since both cousins were filming both of there Doctor Who series at the time it seemed like a good thing that a spin off series should be created that can co-exist with there Doctor Who universe and series. Torchwood Kids was going to revolve around Stephen Smith and his life on Earth and also an unnamed character as they both worked for Torchwood fighting against aliens and protecting Earth. Two or three trailers were created one of them filmed to advertise for the series and it appeared on some of there Doctor Who videos on YouTube.

The cousins started to flush out Torchwood Kids and create a concept that could be utilized and also made a list of episodes for an entire series. The cousins had everything ready and set for Torchwood Kids and were prepared to create a pilot episode to test the water to see if there was any potential for the series to be made. The cousins started to film the pilot episode but begun to realise this could be to much of a workload due to the fact of the ongoing two Doctor Who series and also the musical series a Dogs Dinner. The cousins could not quite create a proper storyline when filming the pilot episode and decided it was best to not make Torchwood Kids and scrap the entire project altogether. What became of Torchwood Kids was just an idea shelved and later reused by Stephen after him and James departed for his later project Sky Team and the character Stephen Smith became Robert Smith.