Doctor Who Expanded
Time Twins
Doctor Who Time and Space episode
Twelfth Doctor (James Burnell)
Zack Rogers (Daniel Isaac)
Writer James Burnell
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"Realm of Darkness" "The Master of Worlds"

Time Twins is the seventh episode of the first season of Doctor Who Time and Space

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"It had been so long since I regenerated that I couldn't remember what I looked like back then,"

The 13th Doctor's final words

The Doctor takes Zack to 100 years after the third world war, where they are suddenly faced with a running man. They ask the man his name, and he says the Doctor, and he looked just like Zack. The Doctor then explains to Zack that a timelord can choose what he looks like when he regenerates. The 13th Doctor runs off and they follow, but they soon capture Crastoff, the Cromatrite leader, who escapes eventually after biting the 13th Doctor.

The Doctor and Zack then take him to the tardis and fix him up with some tolon powder, the 13th Doctor then wakes up and examines the tardis. He walks outside to meet the others, and they have a long talk about timelords and regenerations. Not long enough they notice people standing still on the road, then they start chasing towards the Doctor, 13th Doctor and Zack. They run back inside the tardis, but the 13th Doctor is attacked by Crastoff and bitten again. Inside the tardis the Doctor speaks with Crastoff on the com, telling him to leave or die. He refuses and the Doctor uses the remaining tolon powder to destory the cromatrites.

The Doctors then races back outside and kneels beside the 13th Doctor. The 13th Doctor then explains to him why he didn't remember what he look like in his past incarnation. With his final words his head rested and the Doctor and Zack travelled away.


The Doctor- James Burnell

Zack Rogers- Daniel Isaac

The 13th Doctor- Daniel Isaac

Crastoff- James Burnell

Cromatrites- Joshua Ness, Christopher Ness, Jacob Edwards


- Crastoff appears in season 2

- The Cromatrites appear in season 2

- The 13th Doctor appears in season 2