Doctor Who Expanded
Time Lord Nicktorious
Tagline "It's almost time.."
Narrated by Dominic Martin
Starring Nick Payne and Various
Written by Matt Moir
Directed by Matt Moir
Animation by Maddox Productions
Format 1x67 minute webcast
Release Date 20 July 2021
Release YouTube

Time Lord Nicktorious was a webcast produced by The Whoniversals celebrating their 5th Anniversary on YouTube. It was written, directed and edited by founder member Matt Moir, and starred Nick Payne as multiple characters, alongside nearly every single current and former member of the channel. It was narrated by Dominic Martin. It is divided into a life action "mockumentary" segment as well as an animated segment, the latter of which was brought to life by Maddox Productions (who is also channel member Will).


Live-Action plot[]

As the fifth anniversary of the Whoniversals approaches, Matt strives to celebrate it with an elaborate sequel to their prior ambitious project, the Nick Clone Saga. However shenanigans ensue, with some members not cooperating and others getting stuck with technical difficulties during filming. Eventually chaos ensues and the project folds... until the newest member Will - who also happens to be an amateur animator - offers to bring the narrative to life as a cartoon, which segues into the "canonical" narrative.

Animated plot[]

Nick is in Cambridge, downtrodden about not getting many views on his videos, but Oli's old nemesis - the Big Finish CEO - turns up and offers him an alliance. Nick agrees, with the condition that he becomes the greatest Whoniversal. And this, the Time Lord Nicktorious was born...

At the Whoniversals HQ, Thomas hears of these events through the ether, and informs the other active channel members of this. He, Matt, Jean, Robert and Will decide that they need to amass all former members together to help defeat the Time Lord Nicktorious. Matt - with his then-partner Rian - and Jean head to castle McCoy to resurrect Oli from heaven, having a scuffle with Clifford H Anger along the way. Robert meanwhile pulls Benny out of retirement and the two of them together confront the Time Lord Nicktorious and subdue him with inane soap opera discussion. And finally, Thomas and Will enter the Pine Forest to retrieve Tiana the powerful witch, who also helps them with overpowering the Doctor Who PC Hater (one of Nick's clones).

All the heroes assemble in Cambridge and face the Time Lord Nicktorious, who gets ready to retaliate but is halted by the appearance of the Yorkshire Knight (former member Owain). All the Whoniversals then take turns in talking the Time Lord Nicktorious out of his delusions of grandeur, and he reverts into the Nick they know and love. But all is not over, as the Big Finish CEO appears and unleashes more Nick Clones to battle them. An elaborate fight scene ensues, with each member doing their part, and Matt in particular having a one-on-one battle with the Big Finish CEO himself. Matt is victorious, and they all head home.

A post credits scene showcases Will, Thomas and Robert hatching their own evil plans and foreshadowing potential sequels, before Matt comes back and breaks the fourth wall by telling them that - after the overambition of this special - there's no budget to make any further projects like this.


Narrated by[]

  • Dominic Martin


  • Nick Payne
  • Matt Moir
  • Oli Everett
  • Jean-Luc Harry
  • Owain Smith (credit only)
  • Tiana Rose
  • Benjamin Windibank
  • Thomas Aiden James
  • Robert Morrison
  • Will Maddox


  • Brendan Jones
  • Tom Harries
  • David Stapenell
  • Antonio Alvarez
  • Vera Wylde
  • Huw Badham
  • Blair Harrison
  • Rian Austin-Toni


  • Connor Mouat as "Shagra"


  • Adam Martyn as "The Yorkshire Knight"


  • Written, Directed & Edited by Matt Moir
  • Script Edited by Thomas Aiden James, Robert Morrison, Jean-Luc Harry & Will Maddox
  • Animation by Will Maddox of Maddox Productions
  • Thumbnail & Poster by Jean-Luc Harry
  • Featured Music by David Lowe, Murray Gold, Hans Zimmer, Steely Dan, Mark Ayres, Keff McCulloch, Dudley Simpson, Dominic Glynn, Brian Hodgeson, Alan Silvestri, Segun Akinola, Evanescene, Taylor Swift, Tristam Carey, Stanley Myers, Tomoya Ohtani, Jamie Robertson and Queen
  • "The Whoniversals Theme" arranged by Peter Miles
  • End Credits by Phoenix Smith
  • Special Thanks to Niamh Payne, Tom Elgie, Abigail Johnson, Sam Williams and Oliver Bennett
  • Produced by The Whoniversals and Maddox Productions


  • Original Doctor Who Theme composed by Ron Grainer
  • Script Edited by Benjamin Windibank

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Plans for Time Lord Nicktorious first sprouted in November 2020.
  • With the prior elaborate project, the Nick Clone Saga, relying so heavily on green screen editing, Matt and Jean were very adamant to take a different, less painstaking route this time around.
  • Matt, Jean and Thomas were already aquainted with then-non member Will and his animation skills and were contemplating whether or not to ask him to produce an animated segment for the special. However, when Will ended up actually joining the Whoniversals in February 2021, it gave them more confidence to ask this favour of him, which he did with the understanding that he'd be paid for his services.
  • Matt didn't envision the special ending up as big or as ambitious as it ultimately was, alledgedly assuming the animated segment would only be a few minutes - it ended up being 17 minutes long.
  • Due to Thomas and Roberts' gimmick appearances and their reluctance to show their faces publicly, all of their acting contributions to the special are audio-only. This is similarly true for Benny, who outright turned down appearing in the live action segment at all.
  • The post credits scene was Will's idea.