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The First Stage[]

After receiving the go-ahead from Jaime Carroll on July 7th 2010, Neil Halpin commissioned the brand new series - Time Agent: Scotland.

The original idea of Time Agent: Scotland was to bring a brand new dynamic to the idea of the Time Agency as seen in many fan films. The task set down was to tell the story of a new Time Agency, with new characters and new adventures for the Youtube audience to enjoy.


The development stage was mostly concept drawings, early scripting and casting for the series. The idea to run a pilot episode was scrapped and it was decided to jump straight into the series. Filming started briefly in late 2010, but was put on holt due to weather (one of the many downsides to Scotland) and changes in casting. Most of the filming was planned to be finished in the summer holidays when exams had have finished, with the series airing in late 2011.

The Series[]

The first series was set to run in late 2011 with seven 15- 20 minute long episodes.


Episode Airdate
The Loch Ness Monster 1.1 Late 2011
Cannibals 1.2 Late 2011
The Hall Of Shadows 1.3 Late 2011
The Invisible Enemy 1.4 Late 2011
Nothing Special 1.5 Late 2011
Abduction (Part 1) 1.6 Late 2011
As Ashes Fall (Part 2) 1.7 Late 2011