Doctor Who Expanded
Thirteenth Doctor


No. seasons: 1
No. stories: 3
First appearance: Series 1 Episode 1 Job Millies Tales Series 1 Episode 2
Last appearance: Series 3 Episode 3 Part 1

Millies Tales Series 2 Episode 1

Portrayed by: Jason
Preceded by: Twelfth Doctor (Alternate)
Series: Doctorwhofanseries

Millies Tales

Two Youtube Short Films

this incarnation is future verison from Twelfth Doctor (Alternate)


little is known about this incarnation of The Doctor

but i know that he was exile to abandoned planet 

and he do not know on her remian of his compainon is called Clara




Appearance in other media []

Will be appear in Millies Tales for Series 2 Episode 1 (final appearance)

Will be appear on Upcoming Youtube accout for two short films (Cameo Appearances)