The Woodsboro Murders
Season: "The Vaults"
Story Number: 5
Doctor: Aron Toman Doctor
Companions: Astra
Writer: Coren Idle
Producer: Crossover Adventure Productions
Release Date: 30 June 1999, 8 July 1999, 11 July 1999
Running Time: 30 minutes
No. Episodes: 3 episodes
Previous Story: The Warrior Goddess
Following Story: Illusia



Fan made Story After reading a novel about a small town that was attacked by a serial killer, the Doctor insists that Astra come with him to get the author - a reporter called Gale Weathers - to sign his copy. However, not long after the TARDIS lands and the first of the murders takes place, questions arise from the murderous situation.

Who is the stranger in the shadows that seems to know the Doctor? Why does the Doctor seem to betray Astra? And, most importantly, who will survive to appear in the sequel?


when the doctor goes to get his book signed, murders start happening. Can the doctor stop them? Could history be changed?


to be added


this crossover features the characters from the movie Scream


The Doctor/The Master: Aron Toman
Astra: Coren Idle
Casey Becker: 'Drew Barrymore'
Casey's Dad: 'David Booth II'
Casey's Mom: 'Carla Hatley'
Gale Weathers: 'Courtney Cox'
Sidney Prescott: 'Neve Campbell'
Tatum Riley: 'Rose McGowan'
Inspector Shoesandsocks: Nikki Toman


Sound Design: Aron Toman
Music: Aron Toman
Original Theme: Ron Grainer
Arrangement: Aron Toman
Cover Art: Aron Toman
Director/Producer: Aron Toman

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Downloadable audio page @ Crossover Adventure Productions

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