Time Ravagers av02 cover
The Time Ravagers
Season: 1
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Nicholas Briggs Doctor
Companions: Greg Holmes, Nadia
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Producer: Audio Visuals
Release Date: 1985
Running Time: 80 minutes
No. Episodes: 2 episodes
Previous Story: The Space Wail
Following Story: Connection 13



A newly regenerated Doctor and his companions Greg and Nadia land on Temperos. Could it be that the legendary Time being, the Temperon is not a legend after all? Or are the Daleks up to their old tricks again?

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Space Buoy: Michael Wisher
Captain Stride: Gary Russell
Harlan: Bill French
Okkerby: Deborah Marson
The Doctor: Nicholas Briggs
Greg Holmes: Richard Marson
Nadia: Sally Baggs
Daleks: Michael Wisher & David Sax


Script: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Graham Woods
Series Theme: Brian Marshall
Editors: Nick Layton & Nick Briggs
Director: Patrick Trethui
Cover Art: Steve Berry
Design: BRIX
Producer: William Baggs

Production NotesEdit

  • The Temperon later appeared in Big Finish Productions' first officially licenced Doctor Who story, The Sirens of Time.


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