Doctor Who Expanded

The Time Agency Of The Future is an agency when some Slave Traders would use young children to grow up in the Time Agent Mansion where the children would grow up until they were old enough to enter The Time Academy before becoming Time Agents so you would be able to disrupt chosen Timelines behaving as home bugs to The Time Lords and like worms to The Pantheon Of Discords

Jack Harkness was the only time agent never to have been sent to the Mansion manhandled

Andy Potter Kenobi was the only one sent to them when he was a baby

some Time Agents such as Tobias and Liam got suspicious of the time agency and realise they had to do something but realised that one of the workers Lady Morag Greyson was an agent sent by the Doctor after travelling with him to investigate as The Doctor felt something was wrong as he could tell Trickster work

so Lady Morag Greyson and Tobias along with Andy Potter Kenobi led the plan to stop Judgement Day which would happen in the 21st Century

during the planning Grayson and Kenobi decided to send five agents to the 21st Century and if any had lost contact then others would be send. the five agents sent were called 'The Rising Five'

The Rising Five were Tobias, Mortis, Liam, Obadiah and Katrina

this is a list of time agents

Captain Tobias got recruited in the 34th Century (Deceased)

Lady Morag Greyson was a Time Agent from the very beginning who travelled with The Doctor for some time

Andy Potter Kenobi was actually the very first Time Agent to work in the Past, Present and Future Time Agencies

Agent Liam was recruited in the 34th Century

Agent Mortis was recruited in the 34th Century

Agent Obidiah was recruited in the 34th Century(Deceased)

Fraser The Assassin was recruited in the 56th Century

Katrina Millis-unknown (possibly 34th Century)(Deceased)

Jack Harkness volunteered in the 51st Century(Deceased too many times)

when Judgement Day was stopped Lady Morag Greyson became the leader of the Time Agency Of The Future and decide to go to the old routes by just signing up volunteers instead of manhanding them by force until it was shut down in the 52nd Century

other Time Agents are Ian Thompson, Ian Smith, X, Smith, Jack Barnes, Tyoler, Jayden, Toby, Julian, Ethan White, Angus King, Lewis, Alex Adolf-Austerlitz, Paul Crawford and Ash Brown