Doctor Who Expanded

The Thirteenth Doctor is the thirteenth incarnation in the After Year universe.



After the Doctor's final incarnation and death, the universe became completely vunverable to alien invasions. However, three daleks survived (Unknown how), they found a TARDIS (Possibly the Doctor's) and found a fobwatch. Without knowing, The Doctor's life was inside the fobwatch and one dalek accidently revived him. The Doctor was revived with a completely new body, but his ressurection was going wrong, causing him to go mad and causing him to forget nearly everything.

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Davros had returned the same way The Doctor did: by hiding his life in a fobwatch. The Doctor was forced to go into the core of Davros' new dalek base and sacarafice himself. Meanwhile, The others escaped in the escape pods, but Rebecca refused, so The Doctor told the TARDIS to take Rebecca to Earth. The Doctor went into the core, jumped out the ship (launching the ship into the main defenses), shot Davros and fell in pain. The ship was on fire, all of the daleks were blowing up before they could escape and Davros was just screaming in pain, begging for help. Only one escape pod was left and all of the daleks and Davros were said to be truly dead. The Doctor was still alive and walked up to the escape pod, but in the corner was a dalek who exterminated The Doctor just before he was destroyed by the core. The Doctor fell into the escape pod and the escape pod landed on Earth with the dying Doctor inside. The Doctor fell out the escape pod dying and he thought the regeneration would go wrong because if someone got in the way, The Doctor said he would have two heads. But, he just remembered he has the TARDIS key, so he can command the TARDIS to come to him. The Doctor got into the TARDIS, getting ready to regenerate, forgetting all about Rebecca. He saved a diary file on the TARDIS computer saying "The only way for everybody to be happy, is for me to die". The Doctor started to regenerate, but in a different way. A orange tornado surronded him and he started to fade will inside the tornado. The episode ended as a cliffhanger, but in the credits, a man in a red TARDIS was seen saying to the dying Darvos, Come with me. Davros took his hand and the man started to laugh menacingly, just like The Master does....