Doctor Who Expanded

The Test From Massachusetts is a kinetic Novel by Adam Boyes as a test for a potential series however what was planned as a 2 min test become a longer project.


The Doctor and Yas land in the not so distant future Massachusetts America where they get a distress call from Professor Theodore Halts, a Chronophysic held captive by cult of rich people wanting to use his research, Who is Tim Spector? and what evil plans does he have that seems to involve time travel?


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  • Editor - E-Dam Boyes
  • Music - Segun Akinola

Story notes[]

  • This Story acts as a Pilot to a Thirteenth Doctor Kinetic Novel Series, with the idea is that it will be series to help audiences connect with this era similar to how The Clone Wars Spin off series helped people connect with the Prequel Era of Star Wars.
  • Ryan and Graham were planned to appear in a early version of the story, however they were cut for time. Graham would have been kidnapped and Ryan would have to deal with his Dyspraxia to drive a vehicle.
  • The Plan was to have been a snippet, lasting for about 2 mins or less, But while making it, E-Dam was enjoy so much that it currently stands at 8 Mins.