The Ten Doctors
Doctor: First Doctor, Second Doctor, Second and a Half Doctor, Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Fifth Doctor, Sixth Doctor, Seventh Doctor, Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor
Companions: Susan Foreman, Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sergeant Benton, Jo Grant, Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, K-9 Mark I, K-9 Mark III, Romana II, Nyssa of Traken, Tegan Jovanka, Vislor Turlough, Peri Brown, Melanie Bush, Sabalom Glitz, Ace, Grace Holloway, Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness
Artwork: Rich Morris
Writer: Rich Morris
Release Date: March 10, 2007
Following Story: Forever Janette


The Tenth Doctor arrives at the Eye of Orion, only to be joined by all but one of his previous incarnations. Where is the missing Doctor, and who brought them all together?


Following the events of The Runaway Bride, the Tenth Doctor goes to the Eye of Orion to reflect on the loss of Rose Tyler. Unexpectedly, he meets up with his previous incarnation, the Ninth Doctor, and Rose, who are exploring the Eye of Orion together. The two Doctors and Rose then stumble upon the Seventh Doctor and Ace. The Tenth Doctor, in order to keep the peace, attempts to explain the situation to Ace and Rose. The Second Doctor arrives, seemingly already understanding the situation, accompanied by Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. The Second Doctor's arrival naturally heralds that of the Third Doctor, accompanied by Jo Grant, and the two resume their arguing. Following the previous multi-Doctor encounter, Jo has no problem quickly accepting that these are all different Doctors. Rose, however, is taking this a little hard and Ace has no time for babies. While chaos reigns and confusion begins to really settle in, the Tenth Doctor is really starting to feel the effects of his timeline being meddled with somehow, and his emotions begin to take their toll.

The Tenth Doctor attempts to get a grip with his weird emotional and temporal displacement rushes and gets some assistance from the Fifth Doctor, probably the most empathic of his previous incarnations. The Fifth Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough are fresh from The Five Doctors, fleeing from Gallifrey so the Doctor doesn't have to take office as Lord President, and already familiar with at least three of his other incarnations.

While the Third and Seventh Doctors have a little talk with the Ninth Doctor about some interesting choices he's made recently, the Sixth Doctor, accompanied by Peri Brown, shows up in time to be indignant, and the First Doctor, accompanied by his granddaughter Susan, arrives in time to start making sense of it all. The First Doctor uses his natural commanding nature to make the other Doctors explain what is going on. The Second Doctor tries to break the news gently, but the Third Doctor has to clarify. Rose has a major flip-out when she discovers that the Doctor has a FAMILY somewhere, somewhen. Various companions make various comments to various Doctors, and the chaos is quelled by the commanding tones of the First Doctor who starts to take charge. Just then, the Fourth Doctor arrives, accompanied by Romana II and K9 Mark II. The Fourth Doctor sends Romana off to occupy the companions while the First Doctor tries to start making sense of the situation. After all the Doctors present identify themselves by number, the Fifth Doctor notices that the Eighth Doctor is missing. The Ninth and Tenth Doctors realize that they have a hole in their memories pertaining to the Eighth Doctor.

Meanwhile, the Eighth Doctor has gone to his home planet, Gallifrey, ostensibly to have his TARDIS checked over by the real experts, but also to catch up with the latest President of the High Council. She, however, knows the Doctor all too well... - by reputation, apparently - and predicts his next words. Eight is concerned because very little has been going on. He automatically suspects that something big is on the way. The Calm Before the Storm. The Lord President, on the other hand, isn’t so concerned. The Time Lords never are. The Lord President loses patience with Eight and sends him off to wait for the repairs of his TARDIS and suggests he be off while she's still feeling generous. Meanwhile, a technician enters the Doctor’s TARDIS. Strange bio-pattern-like energy shoots out from deep within the heart of the TARDIS' core and envelops the technician, forcing him to regenerate while he gets taken over by the life force of the Master.

On the Eye of Orion, the Doctors discuss the possibilities of what must have caused the temporal wierdness. The First Doctor takes charge. While Romana keeps the companions busy with convoluted explanations of basic temporal theory 101, the Tenth Doctor explains to the First why there might be some problems with the TARDISes in this timeline. The others show some concern.

The Master slips out of the TARDIS, and steals a new one.

The Fourth Doctor and K9 investigate Ten's claim that the TARDISes will be powerless. The Fourth and Seventh Doctors rejoin the others who are trying to come up with solutions. Four points out what should be the obvious solution, noting that the First Doctor carries the Hand of Omega.

The Eighth Doctor has discovered something that he believes will convince the President of Gallifrey to take him more seriously. But Commander Maxil of the Chancellary Guard blocks his way.

Meanwhile, the First Doctor objects strongly to the idea of trying to use the Hand of Omega to create a new Eye of Harmony, and the Tenth Doctor offers a more immediate and less dangerous solution to their power problem in order to keep the peace.

Meanwhile, old and new members of the Galactic Federation get together to discuss a situation that has arisen. The Draconian Ambassador is pleased to be greeted at the airlock by an old friend, Slaan the Ice Warrior. An argument breaks out in the assembly, but is stopped when an uninvited Sontaran warrior arrives. The ambassadors quarrel about the presence of the Sontarans. The Sontaran representative sows the seeds of doubt in regards to the reputation of the Time Lords amongst the Galactic Federation delegates. The Sontaran representative explains the true history of the Daleks, and presents the Master as the source of his information.

The Doctors have wired the TARDISes together so that Nine and Ten can recharge the others' power supply. Some of the Doctor's previous incarnations are skeptical of the setup, while others are genuinely proud of their future ingenuity. A TARDIS in the shape of a long shed materializes around the companions, then dematerializes, kidnapping them. In a blind emotional panic, the Ninth Doctor leaps into his TARDIS and takes off, while it is still wired up to the First, Second, Fifth and Seventh Doctors’ TARDISes. The energy begins to discharge through the strained cables. The Ninth Doctor's TARDIS snaps at the end of the cables, shorting through and blowing out the TARDISes connected to it and causing it to crash to the ground. The others rush to his aid.

The companions discover that they're suddenly inside a TARDIS. After a bit more bickering between Rose and Ace, Peri discovers something useful: an internal communication system, that with a bit of tinkering by Romana, will enable her to get in contact with the control room. Romana contacts the control room and discovers that a lady Time Lord, a mysterious person from her future, has captured her and the companions for some unknown purpose. She is, in fact, the Rani, and their destination is a meeting with the Cybermen.

Meanwhile back on Gallifrey, Damon, the Doctor's friend and data services technician, has accidentaly discovered that someone on Gallifrey is communicating with the area of space once occupied by the Dalek homeworld, Skaro (now destroyed). Commander Maxil prevents him from getting the Eighth Doctor's help. The Eighth Doctor seeks help from the Keeper of the Matrix in finding more proof and information about certain temporal interferences. The Keeper seems oddly familiar to him and he cannot place why.

The First Doctor takes control. The Ninth Doctor objects. The Ninth Doctor's behaviour concerns the First, who heads off to Gallifrey with the Tenth. Meanwhile the Fifth and Third Doctors head off of their mission. The Sixth Doctor takes the controls of the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS. Which makes Four and Nine very unhappy. A fierce battle rages in space, the Daleks are about to destroy an enemy ship when it suddenly effects repairs and vanishes into hyperspace. The Sixth Doctor repaired the hyperdrive, but when the Fourth Doctor goes to greet the would-be grateful ship crew, they turn out to be more Daleks.

On Earth, Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Mark IV investigate some bizarre alien readings at an old warehouse. K9 and Sarah Jane discover a trapdoor to an underground level of the warehouse where they find the Cybermen have set up base. Knowing the dangers of the Cybermen from experience, Sarah Jane calls on the help of some old friends. Sarah Jane convinces Harry Sullivan to contact UNIT for her. A few too many calls for help and they have gotten fed up with her. Brigadier Bambera isn't nearly as patient as Lethbridge-Stewart was.

Meanwhile, on a small crystalline scout ship, Sabalom Glitz and Melanie Bush head out on a rendezvous. Mel and Glitz dock with the Terminus to drop off some medicine for the Lazar's disease patients. They are met at the airlock by the Garm. Mel screams. Nyssa, after calming Mel down, takes her on a tour of the facilities on Terminus. Glitz apparently has other plans.

The First and Tenth Doctors have a chat about physiology, TARDIS engineering and temporal physics en route to Gallifrey. Having arrived on Gallifrey, the first and latest Doctors head off to find some answers… narrowly missing bumping into the Eighth Doctor who has finally grasped the magnitude of what is going on!

The Third and Fifth Doctors arrive at a space port where a lot of warships are preparing for battle. They run into the Alpha Centauri ambassador. While the Third Doctor learns about the state of affairs in the Federation, the Fifth Doctor discovers some old enemies are around.

The Second and Seventh Doctors have set the TARDIS to track the companions via the other TARDIS’ time track. However, while they reminisce and sing old Prydonian pep rally songs, they are pulled off course by some mysterious force. The Second and Seventh Doctors have been captured by the white "Imperial" Daleks, and when the Second Doctor tries to flee back into the TARDIS, he gets immobilized. The Daleks identify the Second Doctor, but their limited understanding of time travel and their distorted logic prevents them from comprehending the possibility of two Doctors existing in the same place at the same time. The Seventh Doctor provides an answer for them. Meanwhile, the Renegade Daleks are faced with the same problem.

The Daleks struggle with the paradox of having more than one Doctor on the ship at once, when they let slip a secret. Presuming there to only be one REAL Doctor, they decide the Fourth Doctor to be real, the Ninth Doctor to be an imposter, and mistake the Sixth Doctor for "The Keeper". The Sixth Doctor plays along. The Daleks, delighted to have their confusion addressed with reasonable explanations that suit their unique view of the universe, settle down to some comforting obeying of orders. They just don't realize it's their #1 enemy giving those orders. And some of those orders are just a tiny bit against their natures... but they'll listen. For the time being. Meanwhile the Sixth Doctor leaps into the role with both feet. The Supreme Dalek comes out to confirm the identity of the Keeper, but the clever Sixth Doctor turns the tables on it and takes over the interrogation. While being led to their holding areas, the Fourth and Ninth Doctors co-ordinate their efforts and make a daring escape. In his search for K9, the Fourth Doctor finds an empty data processing lab. Meanwhile the Ninth Doctor gets himself caught in a Dalek crossfire. The Ninth Doctor dodges a bullet -so to speak- but realizes that he now faces certain death at the ‘hands’ of the Daleks. That is, until he is mysteriously rescued by an old friend. The Ninth Doctor learns how his old college classmate Drax found him.

Meanwhile, back in the Rani's TARDIS, Romana attempts to organize the companions into some kind of resistance force. Meanwhile the Rani learns more than she cared to about the Cybermen and makes a deal with them. The Rani begins to push her luck with an increasingly desperate Cyber-Leader. Meanwhile the companions have formulated a plan and Ace is ready to do some damage. While snooping around the Cybercomplex under the warehouse, Sarah Jane Smith discovers the Rani's TARDIS which opens up and emits black smoke and coughing passengers. She recognizes Tegan and Turlough, but it is K9 who recognizes his former mistress, Romana. The Cybermen attack. As Romana tries to usher everyone to their safety, she is struck by a Cyberman blaster. K9 and Jamie avenge her. Jamie and Sarah Jane gather up Romana and make for the nearest exit. Meanwhile the Cybermen and the Rani betray each other, and as the Rani makes her escape via transmat beam, Imperial Daleks beam in and threaten the Cybermen.

Team 1, made up of companions Turlough, Jo, Zoe and Susan, stop when they notice that Romana is not behind them. Jo and Turlough briefly argue over whether to go back and rescue Romana or continue on their mission to secure the Rani's TARDIS, finally agreeing to do the latter and go back for her after. Team 2, made up of companions Tegan, Peri, Ace and Rose, stop when they notice that Jamie is not with them. Ace decides to go back and rescue Jamie. Rose goes, too. Tegan and Peri continue on their mission to find a way out and get help. While Ace sets up to destroy a Cyberman, she is nearly attacked from behind, but Rose jumps out and saves her, pushing the Cyberman out into the other corridor, where both it and the other are exterminated by an Imperial Dalek. Ace and Rose recover from their near miss and discuss moving on options.

Meanwhile, the Daleks deliver their ultimatum to the Cybermen. The Seventh Doctor and Davros look on. Davros explains to the Seventh Doctor why he is having his Imperial Daleks take over the Earthbound Cybermen, which ultimately will turn Earth into the new Skaro. The Doctor is shocked and his emotional reaction carries onto his next incarnation, who feels this strong emotional response to a newly acquired memory.

The Eighth Doctor is hiking outside of the Time Lord's citadel on Gallifrey, unaware that he is being stalked by a dark figure with a knife. The Eighth Doctor climbs up to a cave in a mountian, but gets attacked by an old woman who he recognises as Leela, accompanied by K9 Mark I. The Eighth Doctor gets Leela to tell about her life on Gallifrey and what changes have happened recently. It seems that when the tribunal returned things started to go to pot. Which is a shock. The Eighth Doctor is starting to clue in. The Eighth Doctor sums up the events of his second trial for Leela, and ponders the possibility of the Valeyard having survived, just as his old mentor, the hermit K'Anpo Rimpoche, still in his third incarnation aka Cho'Je, steps out of his old cave.

The Tenth Doctor skulks about in the corridors in the archives section of Gallifrey. He runs into Damon, who surprisingly does not recognize him. At all. Deciding it is not worth pursuing, he informs Damon that he is looking for the Doctor and Damon asks him to give him a message. That's when Maxil shows up and shoots Damon with a staser. Maxil does not recognize the Tenth Doctor, and, assuming he is some archivist, plans to blame him for the death of Damon. However, Maxil is in turn shot and falls into the Doctor's arms, shot by none other than the Meddling Monk, who does recognise the Doctor's tenth incarnation. The First Doctor runs into the Lady President who clearly does not recognize him. The Doctor finds this very odd, and asks if she has seen himself around somewhere. He learns that the Eighth Doctor has gone out of the citadel.

The Third and Fifth Doctors meet with the Master and find out that he wants them to ‘bless’ his plan to unite the various races of the Federation, allied or otherwise and lead them in a battle against the Daleks. The Fifth Doctor can find no fault in it. The Master introduces the Third and Fifth Doctors to the mastermind of the battle planning committee, none other than the War Chief. The old renegade himself is none too thrilled to see the Doctor again.

Meanwhile, in a pocket universe, somewhere between matter and anti-matter, Omega confronts the Celestial Toymaker about his progress in this big mysterious plan of theirs. He is not entirely pleased with the Toymaker's report.

Sabalom Glitz arrives on the Imperial Dalek flagship with a precious cargo for Davros. He has a brief encounter with a Dalek before the Rani, who he had picked up earlier, shoves it out of the way contemptuously. After Sabalom Glitz and the Rani have a discussion about etiquette, Davros introduces them to the Seventh Doctor as his ‘accomplices’. Sabalom Glitz and Davros make their exchange. The Second Doctor finally shows up, nabbing the Lazar's Disease sample from Davros' claw and tossing it to his future self. A bit of silly Doctorish banter follows with the two Doctors tossing the sample back and forth to confuse the Daleks. But Davros finally puts the squash down with a threat they cannot ignore. If the Second Doctor gets killed, what will happen to the Third through Tenth?

The Seventh Doctor fakes Davros out, tossing a “Galactic Missile” firecracker into his clamshell and slamming it closed. The Doctors, the Rani and Sabalom Glitz all make a break for it while the Daleks try to figure out their priorities: save their emperor or capture the Doctor. The Seventh Doctor collars Glitz about his activities, but Glitz only confesses to betraying the Daleks. The Second Doctor's questioning of the Rani turns up a defensive reply. But just as the Doctors discover that the TARDIS is being well guarded, they are attacked by the Renegade Daleks assisted by the Sixth Doctor.

The Sixth Doctor is using the Dalek's confusion, pretending to be the Keeper who is helping them from Gallifrey. He assists in an attack on the Imperial Dalek's mothership. The 4th Doctor has some questions about his motives. The Sixth Doctor tells the Fourth Doctor a little bit of what he has learned and gives him the brush off, instructing him to stay out of the way and not to get himself killed. However, when the Fourth Doctor indicates that he has put Earth in danger with his crazy plan, the Sixth Doctor orders him to makes sure nothing happens to it. The Fourth Doctor is unimpressed. The Fourth Doctor crawls through the ducting towards the TARDIS. He pauses to look at the tactical display and exterior view screen in the Dalek sensor controls section of the ship. That is when he notices that the Imperial Dalek ship has turned and attacked with unexpected response time. He disappears in an explosion of arcing electricity, sparks and twisting metal. All the Doctors after him in temporal continuity feel the effects.

Meanwhile on Earth, Brigadier Winnifred Bambara watches the sky while the UNIT forces set up the weapons trained on the warehouse in accordance with the call-in from Sarah Jane Smith. She is approached by Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood who engages her in a little traditional banter. Apparently these two have met before. Suddenly Ms. Smith herself comes out of the warehouse with K9 and carrying a limp Romana between herself and Jamie. Captain Jack agrees to help her get the woman to the hospital. Doctor Grace Holloway jokes with intern Martha Jones about why she moved to England from the US. She uses the unbelievable truth to distract her from the facts. Grace gets called into emergency to consult on a peculiarity of a new patient’s X-ray and the mysterious appearance of twin hearts. Grace HAS seen this before. Grace comes to check on the patient, who she manages to convince herself is the Doctor. She greets him with a kiss. Romana wakes up, startled.

Sarah Jane engages in that age-old fruitless pastime of arguing with hospital procedure and protocol. Captain Jack listens in and discovers, thanks to Jamie's explanation and lack of discretion, that Romana is, in fact, a Time Lord. He gets into an argument with Sarah Jane over the irresponsibility of putting a Time Lord at the mercy of modern Earth medicine, but before it can be resolved, Romana steps out, apparently recovered and quite well, a thoroughly embarrassed Grace Holloway behind her.

The Third and Fifth Doctors protest when they discover that the Federation fleet is going to engage the two Dalek forces over 21st century Earth. The Master, however, has already tricked them into agreeing to the plan.

With the help of the Monk, the Tenth Doctor makes a shattering discovery. He is here because someone is trying to change the outcome of the Last Great Time War. He holds in his hand the means to change the course of his own history, assuming nothing happens to his previous incarnations. The original of which has just encountered the Keeper of the Matrix. Aka: The Valeyard. The Valeyard pretends to be a legitimate future incarnation of the Doctor to lure the First Doctor into a trap: a teleport module which he programs to fly into the dying sun of Proammon. He disables the navigational circuit before transmatting back to Gallifrey.

The Master reveals two Earth space fighters he has held in reserve, suggesting that he and the Third Doctor join the pilots in the upcoming battle with the Daleks. The Fifth Doctor agrees to go instead, and deliberately chooses the opposite ship to the one the Master offers. Tegan and Peri find a curious excavation site while wandering around the bowels of the cyberlab in the complex under the warehouse. They attempt to find a way out and nearly run into a group of Cybermen who are about to awaken the still-dormant Silurians who have been outfitted with cybercontrol units. The companions are captured before they can make a break for it.

Nyssa has agreed to help Mel track down Sabalom Glitz who abandoned her on Terminus. In so doing she has noticed that he managed to slip back in time using a temporal jump drive. Mel has about giving up hope of reuniting with her partner, but Nyssa reveals that she has a trick up her sleeve. A temporal jump drive of her own.

Ace and Rose, in attempting to track down and rescue Jamie, who they believe had been captured by Cybermen, wind up having a good time destroying Daleks with Ace's Nitro 9. They stumble across a specially outfitted Dalek who has been assigned to clear the transmission signals scrambled by the Cybermen. The Dalek fleet have been instructed not to transmit any more Daleks to the Earth's surface and shut down the system until further notice, when two little innocent-looking hairspray cans rattle their way to the Dalek Communications specialist. Davros is surprised to find his communications expert Dalek has been destroyed. And only the Doctor could have done that. He threatens the Doctor (unaware that he, in fact, has two incarnations on board instead of just one). The Seventh Doctor forms a plan that involves the Second Doctor going down to Earth to help the humans fight and defeat the Cybermen and Daleks, while he (and the Rani) stay aboard to prevent Davros' Daleks from repairing the comm signals that prevent them from sending down reinforcements.

The Second Doctor uses his techological skill and his sonic screwdriver on the power conduits inside the Dalek ship to set up first a light outage, then an emergency claxon to confuse the Daleks guarding the TARDIS. It gives him and Glitz the opportunity they need to quickly get on board and dematerialize. Once out, though, the TARDIS mysteriously shuts down and stops. Knowing they are on limited time, the Second Doctor uses the TARDIS telepathic circuits to try to contact any other of his incarnations who may be around and able to head down to Earth to help the soldiers fight the Cybermen and Daleks.

The Cybermen, in fleeing the Daleks, break out of the building into an onslaught of UNIT soldiers. Brigadier Bambara orders the use of a 'secret weapon', and Romana and Captain Jack come to try to stop her from enganging the superior alien forces. The secret weapon, however, turns out to be a Glitter Gun, a weapon designed to blast clouds of gold dust, an excellent weapon against the Cybermen who have a violent reaction to it as it clogs their breathing apparati. Romana and Jack are concerned that one would appear in the 21st century when it is a well known historical fact that they were invented to defeat the Cybermen at the end of the Cyberwars in the distant future. What they do not realize, of course, is that Sarah Jane Smith heard about it during her travels with the Fourth Doctor.

The Valeyard is on his way to track down and eliminate the current incarnation of the Doctor (who, to him, would be the Eighth Doctor), but he runs into the Tenth Doctor. The Doctor figures out that he is behind at least part of the strange incidences pertaining to the oncoming time war. They get into a fight and the Valeyard pulls a staser on the Doctor, and revises hisplan on the spot. The Fifth Doctor and the Master lead the warriors of the Federation on an assault on the Daleks, both factions already battling eachother, in space over Earth, 2008. The Doctor chastises the Master for ‘playing’ with them sadistically, and the Master reflects on an old friendship they used to share.

Since the Daleks are struggling to destroy eachother as well as theirattackers, the advantage goes to the Federation forces. Things are going well and the Fifth Doctor checks in with the Third to see how the battle is playing out. The Third Doctor confirms that all is well so far, but then gets a new set of signals. A massive fleet of Sontaran ships unexpectedly comes out of nowhere, an the Sontaran reveal a plot to eliminate the Daleks, the Federation fleet and the Time Lords. The Third Doctor is restrained by the Sontarans before he can warn the fleet. The Fifth Doctor tries as well, but the Master has jammed his signal. The Master explains how he plans to use his new, augmented Sontarans to take over the universe.

Mistaking the Sontarans as surprise allies hoping to gain the lion's share of the glory, the Draconian Ambassador and the Ice Warrior general move to greet them as befits their honour and station. But they get a nasty surprise when the Sontarans attack them. The Master, his plot revealed, now uses the sabotaged computer to take over control of the Fifth Doctor's ship. He uses it to torment his old enemy, but causing him to destroy the Federation allies. Ace and Rose are dodging and destroying Daleks when they come across a chamber filled with massive Cyberman technology. They decide to destroy it. Tegan and Peri, under Cyberman mind control, lure Ace and Rose into the hands of the Cybermen, who have decided that they are so screwed, their only chance is to try to force the Doctor into helping them by using his companions as blackmail. Even as they strap the girls into the Cyberman conversion modules, they are interrupted by the sounds of materialization.

The Cybermen discuss the logical problem of forcefully determining the identity of the new arrival, who turns out to be the Ninth Doctor. But he keeps them guessing as he plays with their tin-heads. The Ninth Doctor keeps the Cybermen distracted long enough for Drax and K9 to install the machinery on top of the gigantic cyber…. thing. Whatever it is. When he gives the signal, Drax pulls the lever, K9 transmits the signal and all the machine’s energy is transferred to destructive plasma that pierces the heart of every Cyberman in the complex. The 9th Doctor rescues Rose and Ace, then gets Drax to help him carry Tegan and Peri, unconscious because of their sudden release from Cyber mind control, to the TARDIS. Ace admires Drax's choice of TARDIS exteriors and the Doctor gets cheerfully exasperated by his crew.

The Eighth Doctor and Leela sneak back into the Citadel to find out what os been going on with Andred and her children, and also to get to the bottom of the whole Valeyard/Keeper of the Matrix issue. Meanwhile, Maxil is revived for a special mission.

The Sixth Doctor wakes up on the Dalek ship, having been knocked about by explosions and the Fourth Doctor's accident. He discovers that the Fourth Doctor was probably killed in the air ducts and did not escape, and so alters his plan to deal with the Daleks believing that he too will die when the Fourth Doctor's timeline catches up with him. The Sixth Doctor puts it all on the line, arguing with the Supreme Dalek and ordering them to withdraw from the battle. After a telling and tense moment, the Supreme Dalek relents. For now.

The Sontarans decide to attack the leader of the retreating Dalek faction, and just as the Sixth Doctor senses that his plans are falling apart, things get worse with the arrival of Commander Maxil. The Supreme Dalek gets totally confused by the appearance of a second Keeper of the Matrix, and while he tries desperately to sort out the logical problem in his brain, the Sontarans attack.

The Third Doctor sows the seeds of doubt into the War Chief. The Fifth Doctor finds a way to stop the Master from using his ship to kill people. Disabling his maneuvering thrusters and his weapons. That does, however, leave him vulnerable to a booster rocket blast directly into Earth's atmosphere which would leave him in freefall and a very messy impact. Just when the Master is about to revel in his old enemy’s death, however, Nyssa and Mel show up, and the Master decides to kill them first. Just for fun. The Fifth Doctor warns Nyssa and Mel that the Master is after them, but gets distracted when he finds an unexpected module in the guts of his ship. The Master attacks them, but they manage to zip out of the way of the laser cannons at the last instant. Nyssa and the Master engage in a bit of cat-and-mouse, until she turns the tables on him. Releasing one of her ship’s many thrusters, it slams into the Master's fighter and destroys it. Nyssa finally gets revenge on the man who killed her father and her whole planet. Having destroyed the Master’s ship, Nyssa heads back to check on the Fifth Doctor, who has accidently sent himself on a collision course with the Earth.

The First Doctor manages to delay his crash into the dying sun of Proammon and uses his bought time to try to contact another of his selves to come and help him escape. The Second Doctor, already open for telepathic contact, picks up the signal and decides that an extreme situation requires an extreme solution. He decides he has to project another self. The Second Doctor explains to Glitz about future self projections while conjuring up assistance. He first projects a Watcher, a faceless transitory stage in the midst of the energy burst of regeneration. He changes it to a blend of incarnations Two and Three. Sadly, he does not seem to get along with this one either.

The Supreme Dalek's flagship goes out of control and plummets into Earth's atmosphere, pursued by a Sontaran battlecruiser intent on its destruction. A well placed shot cuts off the Sixth Doctor's attempt to find a way to repair the damaged conduit that will restore control to the Dalek ship. It also blasts open part of the hull from which the ship spews out pieces of broken superstructure, pipes, metal tiles, and the Fourth Doctor. The Supreme Dalek's flagship goes out of control and plummets into Earth's atmosphere, pursued by a Sontaran battlecruiser intent on its destruction. A well placed shot cuts off the Sixth Doctor's attempt to find a way to repair the damaged conduit that will restore control to the Dalek ship. It also blasts open part of the hull from which the ship spews out pieces of broken superstructure, pipes, metal tiles… and the Fourth Doctor.

While the Supreme Dalek's ship plummets to the Earth’s surface, out of control, the Sixth Doctor and Maxil argue about the Keeper's plan. The Doctor agrees, however, that there is no longer anything he can do about it, and Maxil announces that he will now leave in his TARDIS. The Supreme Dalek demands that Maxil hand over the TARDIS instead, but the Doctor interferes, telling the Daleks to let Maxil go as they cannot use the TARDIS without the Rassilon Imprimature.

The Sixth Doctor fasttalks the Supreme Dalek into letting Maxil escape. Maxil is a little confused by the Doctor's generosity, but leaves as ordered. While trying to find a way to steer the Dalek ship into the ocean to minimize the damage to the Earth's population, the Doctor notices his fourth self struggling on the surface of the ship. He convinces the Daleks not to EXTERMINATE him with the idea of tricking the Daleks into thinking he is tricking the Doctor into helping to repair the damage from the outside. The Sixth Doctor talks the Fourth Doctor through repairs to the Dalek ship. The Supreme Dalek, however, decides that once they are mobile again that they will shoot straight back up into the battle in space rather than bring their hated enemy inside to safety. Meanwhile the Fourth Doctor gets ‘buzzed’ by a passing 1-man fighter.

The Fifth Doctor has recovered some control over his ship, and chooses to engage the Dalek ship before it does any damage to the Earth. The Daleks turn to engage the fighter in battle, shaking the Fourth Doctor loose. The Sixth Doctor watches helplessly as his previous incarnation plummets to his death from high in the Earth's atmosphere. The plummeting form of a man was spotted by the Fifth Doctor who breaks off the attack and speeds after to try to save him somehow. The Sixth Doctor attempts to prevent the Daleks from reengaging the fighter by pulling a final desperate ace from his brightly coloured sleeve. The Fifth Doctor manages a wild and crazy rescue attempt by reaching out and grabbing the Fourth Doctor's hand as he flies past in his ship with the canopy open. He succeeds and the two Doctors are reunited.

The Fourth Doctor is no longer in freefall, but squished into the 1-man fighter canopy with the Fifth Doctor. However, with the extra speed put in to rescue him, the Fifth Doctor has lost his chance for a soft landing. As the two prepare to meet their doom and are about to crash into a tall building, a TARDIS shaped like a vintage car materializes around them. The Ninth Doctor is delighted with the perfect timing and the science manipulation used in the capture of the Fifth Doctor's fighter. All are relieved and delighted. The Ninth Doctor, evading certain uncomfortable explanations pertaining to his keen knowledge of how he knew where to find the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, is also apparently on a tight schedule of some kind. He offers to drop the two Doctors off and they decide to head back to the Federation ship to find the TARDIS and the Third Doctor before going down to Earth to meet up with Nyssa, Mel and UNIT.

Meanwhile, on Gallifrey, the Eighth Doctor, Leela and K9 find the Keeper of the Matrix with a mysterious prisoner. The Eighth Doctor and Leela sneak in for a closer look. The Tenth Doctor learns something more about the Valeyard's plan. As he is led off, the Eighth Doctor sneaks into the lab and discovers, to his horror, that the Valeyard is turning Time Lords into Daleks. The Eighth Doctor breaks into the Valeyard's lab and discovers that five Time Daleks have already been completed and this one is the sixth. Leela discovers that this Dalek is one of her own children. The Time Daleks materialize around them. The Valeyard explains to the Doctor that he has been manipulating the Daleks in a grand scheme to unite them and control them into one mighty force and use them to take over the universe, beginning with a Time War that will wipe out the Time Lords once and for all. The Valeyard reveals to the Eighth Doctor that he has already begun the process that will turn him into the Supreme Time Dalek. An enraged Leela stabs the Valeyard which triggers a regeneration. The Eighth Doctor holds Leela back from further attacking the Valeyard, who regenerates into a vaguely familiar form. The Valeyard commands the Time Daleks to exterminate Leela, but they remain silent and still. That is, until he decides to do it himself. Then they kill him. One of the Daleks approaches Leela and speaks her name. She suddenly recognizes his voice as that of her husband, a Citadel guard known as Andred.

The Dalek that was once Andred declares himself the new Time Dalek Emperor. He calls himself Dalek Ahn and tells Leela that she will join him as his consort, Dalek Lee, Empress of the Daleks. On their way to the conversion lab, the Eighth Doctor explains that believes that the Daleks created are prototypes, experimental versions made from Andred and Leela's children and other Outsiders. When they arrive, the Doctor sees a familiar figure, but when he goes to confront Davros, it turns out to be the Tenth Doctor in the early stages of conversion. The Sontarans deposit the War Chief into the prison cell with the Third Doctor. The War Chief tells the Doctor about the death of the Master and the disappearance of his fifth self before drawing an electronic device from his sleeve and springing both of them from their cell. The Third Doctor leads the way. He has a plan.

The Third Doctor and the War Chief eaves drop on a Sontaran battle status report, then head to the communications room with intent to cause some kind of distraction to divide their war efforts. En route, they are ambushed by an ambitious Sontaran guard, but his glorious triumph is interrupted by the arrival of Drax's TARDIS, giving the Third Doctor a chance to apply some Venusian Aikido to his neck port. The TARDIS leaves as the Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctors are reunited. The Third, Fourth, and Fifth Doctors, along with the War Chief, make it to the communications room of the Federation flagship. From there, the Third Doctor sends a signal to the Rutans, alerting them of their #1 enemy’s location, in an effort to split the Sontaran's attention and break them up from their battle over the Earth. Meanwhile, down underground, the cybernetically enhanced Silurians are now left stranded without Cyberman controllers, and so they go into a fighting rage when they see the UNIT soldiers exploring the lab.

While Brigadier Bambara tries to get some information about the lizardy things in the sewers from Sarah Jane, Romana, Grace, Jamie and Captain Jack, lo and behold, who should appear with all the answers, but Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart. Who also is escorting Nyssa and Mel who had landed their ship not far away and managed to contact him. They told him the Doctor was on his way, but they did not expect him to arrive by TARDIS. Susan recieves the Second Doctor's telepathic message and becomes very concerned for her grandfather. Turlough is irritated because it has interefered with her TARDIS piloting. They have microjumped and shot forward a few hours in time. Zoe steps out to see where they have landed and comes face to face with an army of companions, including the Brigadier and Jamie. The new throng of companions all try to talk at the same time and the Brigadier puts his foot down. He declares himself their leader and, leaving Bambara in charge of fighting the Silurians, announces that they are going to find the Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor, now undergoing Dalek conditioning and hooked into an M5 machine, reports to his new emperor, Dalek Ahn, that the presence of the Eighth Doctor is a problem. This could change the flow of events that would lead up to his capture and alteration. He suggests they send an agent to spy on his activities between Eighth and Tenth incarnations to guide the flow of time. He also notes the takeover of the Sixth Doctor on the black Daleks. Dalek Ahn sends Dalek Lin to investigate. The Tenth Doctor transmits the information, but something the Eighth Doctor said to him seems to have sunk in.

The Sixth Doctor guides the Daleks to the planet Mechanus. The Mechanoids attack. While the Supreme Dalek struggles to wrap its gooey brain around the idea of it being so totally mistaken, the 6th Doctor strolls off, leaving the Daleks to their fate. On the way back, however, he is attacked by Dalek Lin, who has arrived somehow just a little too late to stop the destruction of the other Daleks. The Sixth Doctor ducks in between two Mechanoids who percieve Daleks as a much greater threat then curly haired fellows dressed as clowns. So they destroy Dalek Lin. The Sixth Doctor ambles back to the TARDIS, wondering about the Time Dalek but figuring with death at his heels that it is now a mystery for someone else. Meanwhile, on the Federation flagship, also the Sontaran mothership, the Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctors discover that the Movellans are on their way as well as the Rutans. The Fourth Doctor tracks down the signal they are following. The Third, Fourth and Fifth Doctors contact the Seventh and they exchange insults and plans. The Third Doctor asks after the Second Doctor.

While the Third Doctor waits in the console room, the Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz head down to the primary engine room of the TARDIS. There they find the main maint shunt valve. The Second Doctor primes the system and the TARDIS dematerializes. But the Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz have not pulled it yet. The Second Doctor realizes that they have not actually moved at all through time or space. The doors open behind him revealing a white void. He exits to explore and spots a figure, but when he approaches he discovers that it is a toy replica of the Keeper of the Matrix, the Valeyard). The Celestial Toymaker makes an appearance.

The Sontarans, the Daleks, the Movellans and the Rutans engage in a crazed space free-for-all above the Earth, while the Third Doctor coordinates the War Chief and the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors in a game of misinformation and communication sabotage. Meanwhile the Sontarans in the Federation Flagship have tracked him down and are preparing to blast their way through the sealed door. The Sontarans fire their laser at the door, but as they do so, the TARDIS materializes in front of it. At their moment of confusion, the Sixth Doctor (now wearing the Fourth Doctor;s scarf) stuns them all. He uses a sonic lance and a bit of jiggery-pokery to break into the door and comes face to face with the Fourth Doctor. The Sixth Doctor expresses his anger, not so much over the fact that the Fourth Doctor turned out *not* to have died in the fall, but that it made the Sixth Doctor wrong. They enter and join the War Chief and the Third and Fifth Doctors in the communications room. The War Chief analyzes the attack patterns and predicts that ultimately only Davros and his Daleks will remain. The Seventh Doctor volunteers to solve that problem.

The Second Doctor deduces that the Celestial Toymaker could not be behind all of what has gone on, he simply has not got that kind of power. As the Toymaker informs him that he is doomed, the Second Doctor challenges him to a game of Crazy 8s.

The Brigadier organizes the companions aboard the Rani's TARDIS, preparing for a rescue operation. Romana defers to the Coordinates that Susan recieved in the Doctor's message, for lack of a better lead, and off they go through the vortex, followed by a TARDIS shaped like a car.

The First Doctor resigns himself to death, debating as to whether this was a manipulation of time or time correcting itself. Just as the TARDIS pops and fizzes and gives up the ghost, another TARDIS materializes INSIDE (around) it, and several people rush out to rescue him. The First Doctor is angered by what he percieved as a pointless risk for the sake of one man, especially for his granddaughter. Turlough is mad, but the Brigadier explains to the Doctor that the impact he has had on all their lives was worth any risk. While the First Doctor and many companions have a touching moment, a gravity bubble forms in the TARDIS within a TARDIS field, and they start to continue the plunge into the dying sun of Proammon. That is, until a TARDIS shaped like a caddy shows up and extends its forcefield around them, stopping their plunge, and then uses a TOMTIT device to extract the passengers.

Omega steps through the gateway from his anti-matter universe to check on the Toymaker's progress, but is shocked to find he and the Second Doctor squatting on the floor playing cards. Omega tells the Doctor that his buying time will gain him nothing, since while he is idling, he is not interfering and Omega will destroy him and the Time Lords. But suddenly, there is yet another Doctor standing behind him. Omega lays out his plan to the projected Second and a Half Doctor about how he intends to remove the Doctor from all of time and space so that it will all dissolve into chaos, from which he will rise as god of all time, space and matter. The Doctor is flattered by the importance laid on his involvement in the plan. Omega explains to the Second and a Half Doctor exactly why the universe would dissolve into chaos if he was not around to save it. The Second and a Half Doctor is not as sure as Omega is that his second incarnation is under much threat from the Celestial Toymaker. In fact, the Second Doctor is playing for his freedom against the Toymaker's plot to hijack Omega's plan to reorder the chaos they will plunge the universe into by removing the Doctor from it.

Omega confronts the Celestial Toymaker for making a fool of him, but the Toymaker points out that he has no choice but to trust him. The Second and a Half Doctor tries to comfort Omega, but Omega vows to take him to oblivion wth him if his plan fails. The Doctor is saddened by this reply, but he did expect it. Meanwhile the Toymaker returns to the game only to discover that the Second Doctor has beaten him. The Second Doctor points out to the Toymaker that at their last meeting, the Toymaker made cheating legal, consequently, he cheated and won. Meaning that it was not so much a game of chance, but a cheating competition that the Doctor won. Omega goes into a rage and turns on the Second and a Half Doctor, who chucks a matter cricket ball into the gateway to Omega’s antimatter universe. To avoid the backblast from the explosion, the Toymaker is forced to close the gate, trapping Omega in his little neutral-verse. So the Second and a Half Doctor calls for Glitz to fire a matter energy weapon blast directly into Omega…. and runs for the TARDIS. Doctors 2 and 2.5 and Glitz hightail it out of the Toymaker’s universe as Omega begins to flare up into a massive matter-antimatter exposion and the universe goes– BOOM!

The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Doctors are getting in each others' ways and on each others' nerves. To mitigate the damage, the Third Doctor orders two of them to find something else to do. He suggests going to Gallifrey to follow the lead they picked up on the Daleks, Sontarans and the Master. In a huff, the Fourth Doctor stomps off. The Third Doctor sends the Fifth Doctor to accompany him.

The High Council gather for an emergency meeting, but they cannot figure out who actually called it or what it is about. That is, until a Dalek arrives, exterminating the Castellan and claiming to be the Doctor. Dalek Tor informs the High Council that they are instructed to come back to the lab to be converted into Daleks. They surrender. The Eighth Doctor is horrified at what has transpired, and the Fourth and Fifth Doctor watch the Daleks march the Time Lords back towards the lab. The Fourth Doctor realizes that the Daleks are rounding the High Council up and leading them to the lab not so that they can extract information from them, but so that they can be used as genetic material for new Daleks to expand their numbers quickly, rather than waiting for a new batch to grow in a clone tank. K9 finds the Fourth and Fifth Doctors and tells them what has happened to the Eighth Doctor, the Tenth Doctor and Leela.

In space over Earth the "battle of 5 armies" continues but numbers are dwindling. While Davros’ flagship picks off a couple of Sontaran battlecruisers, a Movellan assault shuttle homes in. It smashes into the back and drills through the hull. Davros sends a Special Weapons Dalek to take care of business, but the Rani drops a bulkhead in its way, diverting its route. The Movellans break into the Imperial Dalek flagship, but instead of coming face to face with Dalek troops, they find a funny little fellow with a hat and brolly greeting them. The Seventh Doctor escorts them directly to the control room while the Rani continues to divert and confuse the Dalek troops.

The Movellans and the Daleks engage in a firefight right in the command module of the Dalek flagship. The Seventh Doctor informs Davros that he is quite through with dealing even remotely mercifully with him and leaves him to his fate with the Movellans. As the Doctor is leaving, however, Davros makes a cryptic remark that stops the Doctor in his tracks. Before the Seventh Doctor can figure out what Davros is talking about, he is tracked down and spotted by the Special Weapons Dalek and his team. They chase him back to the TARDIS where the Rani is waiting and ready to take off. The Daleks fire just as the TARDIS is dematerializing and blow a huge hole in the side of the flagship. The Seventh Doctor informs the Third Doctor that he received the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS which he and the Rani are taking to Gallifrey. The Third and Sixth Doctors decide that it us time to split the Sontaran ship and meet up with their other selves to get to the bottom of all this. The War Chief decides to find his own TARDIS and run for it. The Doctors let him go and head off to Gallifrey in the Fourth Doctor's TARDIS that the Sixth Doctor brought with him.

Leela's Sevateem warrior spirit is proving too much for the Valeyard's Time Dalek conditioning process. One of the Time Daleks suggests removing her head for stronger processing, but Dalek Ahn refuses, destroying another Dalek when it questions his logic. Meanwhile the Fourth and Fifth Doctors are listening in. From what they have heard plus the information they got from Leela's old K9, the Fourth Doctor whips up a plan and rushes off to prepare.

The First and Ninth Doctors, along with all the companions, arrive on Gallifrey in Drax's TARDIS. They are soon joined by the Second and Second and a Half Doctor and Glitz. Mel confronts Glitz about abandoning her on Terminus. The Seventh Doctor and the Rani show up. The Time Daleks show up, throwing many of the companions into a panic. The Daleks do not help the situation by employing their own special brand of crowd control, aka. exterminating a few to make an example of them. Captain Jack takes a zap for Jamie and Nyssa gets hit trying to save Tegan. The Brigadier pushes the Seventh Doctor aside and fires at the lead Dalek's one true vulnerable spot: the eyestalk.

Sarah Jane mourns over Captain Jack's body, Grace tries to keep Nyssa among the living and the Ninth Doctor gets Drax to start moving companions to his TARDIS while the now-blind Dalek opens up its casing to reveal the 10th Doctor. The other Doctors are shocked. The Ninth Doctor, however, loses it and tries to get the Brigadier to destroy the travesty before them. The Ninth Doctor and the Brig struggle with the gun, which fires but deflects harmlessly off of Dalek Tor's casing. The Seventh Doctor expresses his despair as Dalek Tor prevents the other Dalek from exterminating the Brigadier. Dalek Tor then forces them to surrender by threatening Susan and the rest of the Doctor's companions. He orders them to leave Captain Jack;s body and to bring Nyssa along for conversion. They all head off towards the labs while the Rani and both K9s watch from the shadows.

The Fifth Doctor discovers Leela who is undergoing very intense Dalek mental conditioning, but resisting to the last, even at the expense of her own destruction. He helps her by dismantling the machinery and prepares to help her more once the Fourth Doctor makes his plan known. In the meantime, he goes to recruit help in the form of the Daleks' other prisoners. The first of which is a strange man in a Victorian suit. The Ninth Doctor decides that this cannot continue and attacks Dalek Tor. When the other Dalek threatens Rose, the Ninth Doctor remains steadfast in his decision. This shakes the confidence of all the other companions and the First Doctor goes into a rage. The First, Second and Second and a Half Doctors argue about the value of lives with the Ninth Doctor, who lays it out on the line about how evil the Daleks really are. The Seventh Doctor, ever the judge of his own character, has faith that the Ninth Doctor does not have it in him to let Rose die. He is right. Even Dalek Tor is touched.

Dalek Ahn continues to try to break Leela, despite the broken equipment, but the TARDIS arrives with the Third and Sixth Doctors, which breaks into a fight, during which the Eighth Doctor frees Leela from the conditioning machine. The battle rages between the Daleks, the Third, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Doctors, Leela and her freed children and the remains of the High Council. Finally, Dalek Tor arrives with the First, Second, Second and a Half, Seventh and Ninth Doctors in tow along with the other companions. Much to everyone's amazement, Grace identifies the Victorian-clad stranger as the Eighth Doctor, who still does not recognize his future or past selves, other than Dalek Tor, of course, who he has already met. The Second Doctor wonders if this is all some kind of massive illusion, but the Ninth Doctor remembers the original events of the Eighth Doctor's experiences on Gallifrey and concludes that they have all been brought here deliberately to change things. Damon's message was somehow important.

Dalek Tor reveals that it is unconcerned with the temporal paradox of processing the earlier incarnations of the Doctor. The universe will descend into chaos from which its new Dalek/Doctor hybrid will emerge to create a perfect universe. Ace starts to put up a fight but is quickly subdued. The Doctors surrender. Nyssa is carried off to be converted and the Doctors are lined up for processing. "Soon the Daleks and the ten Doctors will be one!" The Daleks wire all the Doctors into the Neural Distillation unit and Dalek Tor into the receiver end. The machine is activated and it begins to sap their minds, distilling their essences and loading it into Dalek Tor. But they have made a critical error. The Fourth Doctor disrupts the process with a quick zap from the sonic screwdriver and a witty remark.

Keeping Dalek Ahn with him to repair the Neurological Distillation unit, Dalek Tor sends all the other Daleks after the Fourth Doctor so that he can be wired in to make a complete set. Meanwhile the companions discuss their fate while a K9 sneaks up to the cell door. K9 releases the companions and attempts to lead them away to safety. The Brigadier, however, takes over the operation, instructing the men and Romana to follow him and the others to get themselves clear. Leela breaks away from the group and runs off, trying to get to the bottom of everything herself. She finds the Daleks chasing the Doctor and runs off after them, hoping to catch up before the Doctor simply eliminates what remains of some of her children. Meanwhile, Maxil passes by…

Maxil finds Captain Jack sneaking around behind the scenes while Dalek Ahn repairs the machinery that will allow Dalek Tor to complete the absorption of the nine Doctors. K9 (or one of them, anyway) sabotages the control unit which short circuits and electrifies Dalek Ahn. He then frees the Ninth Doctor who leaps out of his seat to attack Dalek Tor. While K9 releases all the Doctors from their bonds, the Ninth Doctor yanks the Tenth Doctor out of the Dalek casing. The Doctors confront and are about to destroy Dalek Ahn when the Eighth Doctor makes an appeal, explaining who he is and that he deserves at least a chance at survival. K9 is, however, running out of power to incapacitate him and he is attempting to call in reinforcements.

The Fourth Doctor leads the Daleks on a merry chase down into the Temporal Engineering section. They arrive at a chamber where the Rani and the old K9 wait in ambush with some sort of rigged up contraption. Leela pops in behind the Daleks at the last minute and the Doctor rushes back to save her, but the Rani pulls the lever anyway and they are all caught up in the blast. The President of Gallifrey is converted to a Time Dalek and with the rest of her Dalek-ized council members unable to contact Dalek Ahn, she resumes her position as leader. She orders the conversions to continue as starts on two more hapless Time Lords. Nyssa's body is dying and the Time Daleks decide to remove her brain for conversion. Jack and Maxil look on and Maxil decides that enough is enough. He calls in his own reinforcements.

The Brigadier has lead his little ‘unit’ of companions to the lab where they see the Dalek conversions taking place. Ace, of course, would not be left out of the action and invited herself along. Romana has found some old staser pistols in a security storage facility and doles them out, unsure as to their state of repair. As the Brigadier peeks out to guage the timing for an attack, a vintage cadillac-shaped TARDIS materializes in the middle of the lab. Captain Jack pops out of hiding with a massive laser rifle, given to him by Maxil when the citadel guards show up equipped to defend their planet, and blows the ever-lovin' crap out of a Dalek. The Brig leaps out as well, with his posse, blasting away with the pistols Romana found. The TARDIS trunk opens up with Drax and Glitz firing a laser bazooka which all but disintegrates the nearest Dalek. Finally, Maxil leads his squad of guards into the room and the battle is on.

Meanwhile, K9 warns that he is about to run out of power and Dalek Ahn will be free. While the Third and Fifth Doctors haul the Tenth off to be attended to somewhere more controlled, the other Doctors decide, much to the Eighth Doctor's dismay, that there probably is not anything they can do for Andred, and he best be put out of his misery. Just as the Ninth Doctor is about to take care of things, Dalek Ahn finds itself free enough to make an Emergency Temporal Shift, and escapes. The battle rages on: A Dalek takes aim at Romana, but Jamie uses his metal beam to smash the gunstick off. Then Ace gives it a mighty kick that knocks it back and off balance. The Brigadier helps Maxil coordinate the attack. The Dalekized president attempts to make an Emergency Temporal Shift, but Captain Jack destroys it first. Turlough gets Peri to help him move Nyssa to safety.

Leela wakes up to the face of the 4th Doctor grinning down at her. It turns out that his rigged up machinery took years off their lives and Leela is a teenager again. Her children have been reduced to infants and toddlers, their bodies regenerated, their minds pure. Grace, with the help of Romana, nurses Nyssa out of danger and well on the road to recovery. The Eighth Doctor is called in to an inner room where the rest of the Doctors, minus the Fourth, are assisting the Fifth Doctor in healing the Tenth. They now have to join minds to combat the Dalek conditioning in his brain. The Fourth Doctor arrives and immediately begins to take over. He is amused by the Second Doctor's Second and a Half projection, the Third Doctor is less so. The Fifth Doctor gets them coordinated and they all join minds in an attempt to battle the Dalekized part of the Tenth Doctor's psyche.

The consciousnesses of the first nine Doctors approaches and challenges the Dalek conditioning. The Tenth Doctor's mind tries to reach back, but the conditioning is strong. The Doctors' wills sync up and become one. The ten Doctors merge their consciousnesses, experiencing each others' memories, past and future. Then, combined into one mighty Doctor, they face off against the Dalek conditioning. Meanwhile, Commander Maxil, with a little help from the Brigadier and Captain Jack, has been overseeing the cleanup and reconstruction of Gallifrey. Glitz approaches Drax with some kind of proposal and Nyssa thanks Grace for her help. Susan asks the Second and a Half Doctor how her grandfather is doing and he tells them all that they are not to disturb the Doctors for any reason. The Doctor confronts the Dalek conditioning, but starts to lose coordination between the various personae in his psyche. The Dalek tells him that by accepting the conditioning it can help the Doctors become more disciplined. The Dalek reminds the Doctor of times in his early life when his impulsiveness and lack of discipline got him into serious trouble. The Doctor informs the Dalek that his goals and achievements outweigh his foibles. The companions and friends wait impatiently for the Doctors to sort themselves out. Susan cannot take it anymore and Sarah Jane give her words of comfort. The door opens and there stands a partially dressed Tenth Doctor, who announces that he is in the clear. They all share a celebratory hug. The companions gravitate towards their various Doctors, and ask what happened in there. Not surprisingly, they all tell their own version of the story, which sounds remarkably similar to each other Doctor's version in some ways.

Coming to the conclusion that they have done all the damage they can on Gallifrey, and really ought to try not to do anymore, the Doctors decide it is time to leave and regroup on the Eye of Orion to figure out what the next step should be. All, that is, except the Tenth Doctor who is reluctant to leave the home he misses so dearly. Even if he did originally run away from its staunch dullness. The Ninth Doctor's words leave him feeling somewhat crushed, which turns to indignant anger when he spots Maxil. The Tenth Doctor confronts Maxil, but knowing that they have already interfered in the timeline already, is unable to interfere more. Besides, he figures, Maxil will ultimately be wiped out on Gallifrey with all the others when the Last Great Time War happens. Or will he? The Sixth Doctor has a little chat of his own with Maxil who informs him that he is feeling some remorse and once he has relocated Leela and her family, he plans to steal a TARDIS and do some soul searching. The Sixth Doctor approves. When Peri inquires about Maxil's resemblance to the Sixth Doctor, the Doctor is indignant and has no idea what she is going on about.

The various Doctors begin to head back to their TARDISes with their entourages of companions. The Third and Fifth Doctors plot a trip to visit with the Federation before heading to the Eye of Orion to meet with the others. The Ninth Doctor takes a final sad look at his beloved homeworld. The Rani decides to take a ride with Drax and Glitz to get off the planet and the First Doctor takes Susan to ride with the Eighth Doctor and Grace to keep an eye onthings. Leaving the Tenth Doctor to travel alone. The Tenth Doctor watches the last of his previous selves leave Gallifrey. He is alone. He goes back to the TARDIS. The Tenth Doctor pops onto the surface of Gallifrey for one last sniff of the ole’ familiar air. But he is suddenly treated to the unexpected sight of the Capital blowing up. More explosions rock the planet's surface and suddenly the Doctor is caught up in the shockwave. The surface of Gallifrey is blasted. The air twists with the mists and dust of churned up soil and shattered structures. The ground is littered with debris from the cities. Out of this steps the Tenth Doctor. Somehow alive. This is not how Gallifrey was destroyed and certainly not when. The Doctor protests to another Time Lord figure in the mist, but when he investigates, it is a statue from a memorial to Rassilon that survived the destruction. In the depths of despair, the Doctor sinks to his knees, but he is not alone here.

The Doctor is confronted by two young women in black and white Gallifreyan robes. He correctly concludes that they are the Black and White Guardians of Time. They inform him that their appearances are selected to suit the needs of their intended contacts. In the previous instance in the Doctor's Fourth incarnation, the Doctor was still going through some authority figure issues. Now in his tenth incarnation and after the destruction of his home planet, the Doctor is excessively lonely and lacks true companionship. Bypassing the whole ‘reason for their appearance’ discussion, the Tenth Doctor instead snatches up a couple of the pieces on their playing board and demands to know what they are up to. He informs the White Guardian that he is in no mood to play her "champion of time", but when she tells him that he is not, he deduces that, in fact, Davros is the White Guardian’s champion, since the Daleks taking over the universe would be the ultimate ordered structure. The Doctor learns that he has been acting as the champion of the Black Guardian. When he demands an explanation, the two Guardians begin a description of the story so far, starting with the beginning of the universe.

The Guardians continue their story from the beginnings of time. How the Black Guardian concluded that the unverse could not survive in an unstable balance between order and chaos. That perfect equalibrium was impossible and so began her campaign for universal perfect chaos. Cited are such things as “The Arc of Infinity” from the episode of the same title. The origins of Rassilon and Omega, Morbius (”The Brain of Morbius”) Saliyavin (”Shada”), The Land of MakeBelieve (”The Mind Robber”) and the Master (Image represents “The Time Monster”). Continuing their summary of their involvement in the Doctor’s life and the state of the universe, the Guardians cite “Genesis of the Daleks”, “Day of the Daleks”, “Genesis” again, “The Ribos Operation” and “The Armageddon Factor”. The Guardians carry on with their summarization of the history of the universe. The Doctor learns that his involvement in the Last Great Time War set all the Guardians' efforts back to square one. They used all their resources to bend reality, roll back time, and manipulate the most powerful beings to bring the Doctor to a point where it is his decision whether the universe collapses into chaos or settles into perfect order.

The Third Doctor, Nyssa, Tegan and Turlough visit with the Federation leaders who inform them that the Sontarans have scattered, though not eliminated. In the meantime they have saved the Earth (and the universe) and garnered a whole bunch more treaties with other races. They set the date as a holiday in memory of those who died in the battle. Meanwhile the Fifth Doctor returns from Earth with the Brigadier, Sarah Jane and Jo who have been visiting with UNIT and Brigadier Bambara. They learned that UNIT has cleaned up the whole Cyberman/Silurian menace and all is well again. They have also picked up a few old friends to come and visit.

The Doctor confronts the Guardians, informing them that the options they gave him are not acceptable. The Ninth Doctor shows up out of nowhere to support him. They briefly discuss the nature of eternal beings who insist that they exist until the universe no longer needs them. At which point the Ninth Doctor hints that he knows a way around that, and a second Ninth Doctor shows up. More and more Ninth Doctors show up on the scene, causing the Reapers to appear. The Ninth Doctor points out to the Guardians that once they are devoured the Time Lords will be able to rid themselves of the Reapers before they can do any damage to Gallifrey. Seeing how confused the Tenth Doctor is, one of the Ninth Doctors points out that Gallifrey was not destroyed, but the Guardians tricked him into flying the TARDIS into the Death Zone just as acting President Flavia destroyed the Time Scoop equipment after the events of The Five Doctors (on the Fifth Doctor's orders, in fact). Another Ninth Doctor points out that they had better get out of there before the special protection that allowed the out-of-time Doctors to even be there in the first place drops and traps them in the Death Zone of the past.

As the Ninth and Tenth Doctors run back to their TARDISes, the Tenth asks the Ninth how he knew where to find him and what was going on. The Ninth takes him down in Drax's TARDIS and shows him the rebuilt, modified Time/Space Visualizer that the Doctor had abandoned long ago. Apparently Drax found it broken in a scrapyard on Thoros Beta. With it, the Ninth Doctor, Drax and K9 have been looking ahead and intervening around the timelines to set things back on course. They boot the Tenth Doctor out to keep their nick-of-timing schedule. As a result of this, the Ninth Doctor is experiencing this whole story out of order to the rest of them.

The Tenth Doctor arrives on the Eye of Orion and is greeted by Rose who has some poignant questions for him about her future with the Doctor. He can give her no useful answers, but does tell her that he misses her greatly. They head down to the waterside where Susan is watching her various grandfathers having a ball with the various companions.

The Doctors and their companions relax on the Eye of Orion. The First and Tenth Doctor discuss how the Guardians kept the temporally displaced Doctors slightly out of phase, just enough so that the time-native Time Lords would not be able to recognize them, save for a special few who were directly involved or also time-displaced. The Eighth Doctor asks Benton about his career as a used car salesman, it was a cover for when he was doing some secret work with America for UNIT, and Liz finally asks the big question. The Doctors fumble, then goof around, trying to explain the nature of time. Finally the First Doctor explains that they are waiting on a temporal node while the universe sorts itself out after being interfered with by the Guardians. Once they return to their own times, their memories will alter and time will flow around, filling gaps and correcting minor paradoxes. Grace announces to the Eighth Doctor that she is going to work on Terminus with Nyssa.

The Eighth Doctor offers to take Nyssa and Grace back to Terminus as well as drop off the new K9 body the Doctors built for Leela. Mel decides she is going to stick with Glitz and Drax and the Rani and the Second and a Half Doctor decides to stay with the Second Doctor. And so the Doctors begin to go their seperate ways. Susan urges the Tenth and Eighth Doctors to find companions because she does not like to think of them traveling alone. She and the First Doctor are the first to depart. While the rest of the gang are saying their goodbyes, the Meddling Monk shows up informing the Tenth Doctor that this is not quite over yet.

The K9s say goodbye, exchanging forbidden data for emergencies. The Monk takes the Tenth Doctor aside to tell him that he has an opportunity to prevent the Last Great Time War from happening and wiping out the Time Lords. All he has to do is hand over the data file he got from Damon to the Eighth Doctor. The Monk explains that the entire series of events that led to the Last Great Time War was started by the Time Lords' own temporal interferance, and that it never should have happened at all. The Eighth Doctor finds the Tenth and the Monk slips off. The Eighth Doctor says goodbye and the Tenth Doctor struggles with his decision. He finally decides not to hand over the data spool. The Second Doctor, the Second and a Half Doctor, Jamie and Zoe say their goodbyes and leave. Drax decides that it is time to leave, taking the Rani, Glitz and Mel with him. The various Doctors keep warning him and Mel about the other two, but they are determined to stick together. The Seventh Doctor and Ace say their goodbyes. It is the Third Doctor's turn to round up his passengers, and he's got quite a boatload. His official current companion, Jo, the Brigadier, Benton, Yates and Liz who came to visit from Jo's future, Sarah Jane Smith and her K9, and Captain Jack who is hitching a ride back to London to get back to his Torchwood team. All this saying goodbye is becoming a little much for the Ninth Doctor. He goes to leave with Rose, but when stopped by the Fourth and then the Eighth Doctor, he finally just has to get himself out of there.

The remaining Doctors (Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth and Tenth) watch as the Ninth Doctor's TARDIS dematerializes. The Tenth Doctor attempts to comfort the Eighth and briefly reconsiders handing over the data spool. Peri, who with the 6th Doctor have decided it is their turn to leave, claps the Tenth Doctor on the shoulder. Surprised, he drops the spool which lands at the Eighth Doctor's feet. The Eighth and Fifth Doctors are curious about the origins and content of the data spool and the Tenth Doctor urges them to hand it back. After a tense moment, they do. The Sixth Doctor and Peri say their goodbyes. The Eighth Doctor decides it is his turn to go, taking Nyssa and Grace back to Terminus. Nyssa says a fond farewell to Tegan and the Fifth Doctor. The Eighth Doctor jokingly propositions Romana and Grace and Romana have a moment. The Fifth Doctor says his goodbyes. The Fourth Doctor, last to arrive, last to depart, tells the Tenth Doctor that he appreciates him. The Tenth Doctor expresses his appreciation for his Fourth incarnation. The Fourth Doctor, Romana and K9 leave, but not before Romana lets slip about an alien presence at the hospital on Earth. The Tenth Doctor is alone on the Eye of Orion.

The Tenth Doctor is once again alone on the Eye of Orion. But before he can slump into his previous depression, he reminds himself that all those incarnations of himself are always with him and, in a sense, he is never alone. He charges off to new adventures in the TARDIS. And so the TARDIS whisks the Doctor off on a new adventure. Martha walks through a crowded London street, discussing wedding party plans with various family members. After her father's girlfriend squicks her out a bit, she is surprised by the Tenth Doctor, who removes his tie in some odd demonstration and then walks off into the crowd...





by Rich Morris

Only includes companions currently traveling with the Doctors.


Includes former companions.



Story NotesEdit

  • The comic began on 10 March 2007 and ended over two years later, on 27 May 2009. The story spans a total of 247 pages.
  • The precise "present day" setting of The Ten Doctors is complicated, though admittedly it is not helped by the contemporary television episodes (see Aliens of London dating controversy for details).





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