Av01 space wail
The Space Wail
Season: 1
Story Number: 1
Doctor: Stephen Payne Doctor
Companions: Greg Holmes, Nadia
Writer: Gary Russell
Producer: Audio Visuals
Release Date: December 1984
Running Time: 41 minutes
No. Episodes: 2
Following Story: The Time Ravagers

"This might cause you pain, for that I apologise in advance."



The Doctor and Greg land on a death ship. It is transporting condemned prisoners across Space to their point of execution. Also on board, the enigmatic sentient computer known as BABE. Very soon the Doctor, the prisoners and the crew all find themselves allied against a common threat; an all powerful computer gone mad!

Episode One
A family is sentenced for execution by the courts of a planet only referred to as Homeworld. They are to be transported to the place of execution by the vessel 'Despair'. The ship is navigated by a computer named BABE. The family maintain their innocence and plan their escape from 'Despair'. BABE kills one of the ship's crew.

Meanwhile, in search of some good cricket The Doctor lands in a playing field on Earth. Arriving too early for the intended match he bumps into a couple of schoolboys playing football. One of which, Greg Holmes, asks for a lift back to school in the TARDIS. Instead of school, The Doctor and his new companion arrive on board 'Desapir'. They are quickly captured by the ship's guards as intruders, suspected of sabotage and murder. The guards threaten to use the mind drain device as a means of interrogation. Something which will cause them permanent damage.

The family escape from their cell and happen upon BABE. BABE attacks and kills all but one of the daughters, Nadia. She runs from the room.

Episode Two
The Doctor and Greg give the guards the slip, and run into the fleeing Nadia. They look for her family in the hope not all are dead. In doing so they come face to face with the guards once more, and BABE. BABE reveals the truth to them all. She has been draining the minds of people to add to the memory banks of the master computer on Homeworld. She sees it as her duty, and now wants The Doctor's mind.

The Doctor manages to evade BABE and alters her computer banks to self destruct, also sending a shockwave back to destroy the master computer. However, the destruction of the master computer also results in the annihilation of Homeworld.

The Doctor leaves with new companions Greg and Nadia, headed for Cassiopeia.


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The Doctor: Stephen Payne
Gregory Holmes: Richard Marson
Nadia/Allanah: Sally Baggs
Commander Gryc: Dominic May
Junior Commander Lotin: Robert Moubert
Niton: Graham Woods
Sukki: Marilyn Layton
Dag Solomon: Chris Corney
Guard Joba: Gary Russell
The Judge: Michael Wisher
Guards: Nick Layton & Bill French


Script: Warren Martyn (Gary Russell)
Music: Brian Marshall
Series Theme: Brian Marshall
Editors: Nick Layton & Chris Corney
Director: Gary Russell
Cover Art: Anthony Townsend
Design: BRIX
Producer: William Baggs

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