The Skaro Inheritance
Season: 4
Story Number: 1
Doctor: Matthew Beale
Companions: Rosie Williams (Megan Beale)
Writer: Darren Beale
Producer: Deck 10 Productions
Release Date: 28th July 2016
Running Time: 27m 56s
Previous Story: Turkey, Tinsel and Terror
Following Story: Landscapes of Fear

"You have been brought here for a reason, Doctor. The universe depends on us working together and defeating the Abominations."



The Dalek Empire is crumbling under its own weight. The Dalek race faces extinction unless they can find a new way to survive. In a desperate mission, the Daleks have requested that Pandrusa, Knight of the Grand Order of Oberon, must honour his pledge to the Galaxy and help the Daleks; even if that spells death for those he has sworn to protect. However, Pandrusa and his ratty squire, Weethley, have another trick up their sleeves. Only the Doctor has the skills and the knowledge of the Daleks to investigate a threat to all life in the Galaxy...


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Working TitlesEdit

The Legacy of Skaro, Above the Gods, Tomb of the Daleks


The Doctor: Matthew Beale
Rosie Williams: Megan Beale
Pandrusa: Alex Ranahan
Weethley: Jacob C. Rose
The Daleks: Matthew Beale


Written by Darren Beale
Directed, produced and cover art by Matthew Beale
Music by Kevin MacLeod & Murray Gold
Title music by Eaglestriker
Remixed by Matthew Beale

Production NotesEdit



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