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The Rift of Cardiff is the first episode of the first series of Day and Night Productions' Doctor Who, first broadcast on the YouTube channel, DBGNIHD on 23 August 2020. It was written by Head Writer and Executive Producer, Daniel Benbow.

In the episode, the alien time traveller the Doctor investigates various disappearances of children in Cardiff, being joined by the family of a kidnapping victim, Emily Martin and her father, Adam.

The episode is designed to be a 'jumping-on-point' for viewers and to set up plots points for future series and spin-offs, most notably, The Time Agency and Torchwood.

The Rift of Cardiff
Season: 1
Story Number: 1
Doctor: The Doctor
Companions: Emily Martin
Writer: Daniel Benbow
Producer: Day and Night Productions
Release Date: 23 August 2020
Running Time: 45 Minutes
No. Episodes: 1
Previous Story: N/A
Following Story: Cardinium



Alien creatures, known as Snatchers are inhabiting the streets of Cardiff, kidnapping children for a sinister scheme. The Doctor meets Emily Martin, a sister to one of the victims, together they work to erradicate the alien presence in Cardiff.


  • The Doctor states he is so old that he cannot remember his own age, calling back to many Doctors of the official BBC series.
  • Adam owning a paintball gun to shoot the Snatchers is a callback to Wilfred Mott, who also owned a paintball gun in 'The Stolen Earth' /'Journey's End.'
  • The Doctor's comments of when Adam and Emily see the TARDIS for the first time are similar to the Eight Doctor's reaction of when Cass saw the TARDIS in 'The Night of the Doctor'.
  • Captain Jack's shouting was taken directly from audio of 'Utopia'.
  • Much like 'The Woman who fell to Earth', this episode and the rest of Series One is designed to ease viewers into the characters and themes of future series.
  • The Master being undercover as a university lecturer is a callback to The Doctor's role at St. Luke's University in Series 10 of BBC's Doctor Who.


An original draft of the story was made in 2018, under the names 'The Return of the Doctor', 'Hidden Terrors' and 'The Snatchers'. The first current draft of the episode was written in March 2020 and was completed by Early June 2020 at the same time as 'Cardinium'. Casting of all the actors was completed at the same time.


  • The Doctor: Ivar Sorrows
  • Emily: Mackenzie Steed
  • Adam: Ross K. Foad
  • The Snatchers: Daniel Benbow
  • James: Joe Drozd
  • Niamh: Grainne Kavanagh
  • Judith: HB
  • Police Officer: Ivar Sorrows
  • Henry: Michael Velykorodnyy
  • Rugby Fan: Ross K. Foad
  • News Host: Gavin Colman
  • Torchwood Member: Ethan Grebler
  • Captain Jack Harkness: John Barrowman
  • The Lecturer / The Master: James Horn


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