Doctor Who Expanded
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Season Two, Episode One
Air date 12/09/11
Written by Thomas Collins
Directed by Matthew Beale
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Christmas is Coming

The Legion of the Damned

This is the first episode of the second series of Plover Close.


Returning to Plover Close doesn't go as Jack expects when he finds Sally fuming at him. Then when Sally's mind changes instantly, Jack becomes suspicious and he begins to wonder if all is what it seems.

The Power of the Mind

Sally, under hypnotism from the Zhornid, watches Jack after he's drugged


  • For Series Two, a previously segment begins the episode taking highlights from the previous series
  • This episode begins the story arc with the Zhornid and the Plover Close aliens
  • This story features new titles and music for the revamped new series

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The Power of the Mind