Doctor Who Expanded
The Noir Doctor
First appearance: The Last Stand
Portrayed by: Matthew Young
Succeeded by: The Mth Doctor
Series: Man-At-Desk Productions

The Noir Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Matthew Young, and the predecessor to The Mth Doctor. He made his debut - and his exit - in Man-At-Desk Productions inaugural episode, "The Last Stand".


How dare you?! How dare you decide whether someone matters on this world?! - The Noir Doctor to Monitor Six.

The Noir Doctor is a strong willed, determined incarnation with very clear-cut morals and boundaries. He is shown to be certain of his actions and quick to decide on a course of action - even if, as in "The Last Stand", that course of action would lead to his death. He is shown to be travelling alone, implying a certain self-reliance, but is shown to be very fond of Brigadier Johnson-Smythe, the head of UNIT, mentioning him during his final words.


As of yet, this Doctor has only appeared in his final story, "The Last Stand", in which he confronts Monitor Six of the timeline restoration society, who has altered history and removed UNIT from time. The Doctor sacrifices himself to convince the machine to restore UNIT, regenerating.


The Noir Doctor is shown to travel alone, but is implied to work with the Brigadier - in the The Mth Doctors first story, "The First Step", the Brigadier mentions that "last week" he spoke to the Doctor (presumably the Noir Doctor), who refused to have any assistance from a UNIT soldier. The Brigadier expresses surprise that the Mth Doctor does not outright reject the idea of taking company, which suggests the Noir Doctor would typically do so.


The Noir Doctor's costume is a suit and tie, black shoes and a leather trenchcoat, as well as fingerless leather gloves and a trilby. "The Last Stand", his final story, is shown in black and white, enhancing the "noir" effect.


This Doctor carries a sonic screwdriver which he uses to help interface with Monitor Six. This model is similar to the Tenth Doctor's sonic. He also has a mobile phone, which his immediate successor uses to speak with the Brigadier.