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The Net
Season Number: 1
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Ronn Smith Doctor
Companions: Amara
Writer: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Producer: Dream Realm Enterprises
Release Date: 2005
Running Time: 29 minutes
No. Episodes: 1 episode
Previous Story: The Mines of Mandor
Following Story: War Torn



The TARDIS is caught in a mysterious web in space known only as "The Net." Can they escape? And, who or what are the mysterious beings who have somehow managed to penetrate the TARDIS, a supposedly impenetrable time capsule?

Episode One

The Doctor thinks the TARDIS doesn’t ‘sound right’. He tells Amara of the telepathic connection he shares with it. Suddenly the TARDIS loses all power, and the cloister bell begins to chime. The Doctor and Amara are separated by an unseen force. A voice identifying itself as Protec tells The Doctor they have been captured in The Net for his own safety. Another voice called Eva questions Amara, suspecting she is a threat to the TARDIS.

The Doctor identifies the beings as Eidolons. Whilst in their space they identified that the TARDIS had been modified so it can no longer leave the constellation of Kasterborous or travel in time. They describe the TARDIS as a higher lifeform harmed by the alteration. This intervention is in order to save it from any further harm, and punish the guilty party. Protec is a protector. Eva is an evaluator.

Eva concludes Amara is incapable of the crime and moves on to The Doctor. After speaking with the TARDIS she decides neither have done it, but cannot find the culprit as the TARDIS’ memory banks have been tampered with. Protec and Eva allow them to go, with a warning that is they return without resolving the problem they may still face a sentence of death.

The Doctor decides he will discover the truth. Thinking the sabotage may have occurred on Mandor (The Mines of Mandor), and recalling the suspicious way in which Dr Borsch acted.


  • This is Amara’s first trip in the TARDIS.
  • Reference is made to Dr Borsch from the previous story.



The Doctor: Ronn Smith
Amara: Rebecca McCarthy
Protec: David Ramsey
Eva: Laura Post


Exec Producer/Director: Jonithan Patrick Russell
Post Production Editing: Jim Barbour and Jonithan Patrick Russell
Producer: Kyle Borcz
Co-Producer: Ronn Smith


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