Doctor Who Expanded
The Mutant Phase
Season: 2
Story Number: 2
Doctor: Nicholas Briggs Doctor
Companions: Greg Holmes, Ria
Writer: Nicholas Briggs (as Samuel Flint)
Producer: Audio Visuals
Release Date: 1986
Running Time: 96 mins.
No. Episodes: 4
Previous Story: Maenad
Following Story: The Destructor Contract



Greg is drawn to Analyas Seven, which 'offers you a new life'. Upon arrival he, and the Doctor's recent companion Ria, become pawns in a game of genetic engineering, while the Doctor is forced to the home planet of the rulers of Analyas Seven - Skaro! There, the Emperor himself awaits his second meeting with the Doctor...


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The Doctor: Nicholas Briggs
Ria: Liz Knight
Greg Holmes: Gary Russell
Delores: Nadir Meerza
Leum: Paul Cleverly
Clerk: Nigel Davies
Daleks/Additional Voices: David Sax & Bill French
Ptolem: Tim Beckerleg


Script: Nicholas Briggs (as Samuel Flint)
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Editor: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Jim Mortimore
Series Theme: Brian Marshall
Cover Art: Tim Keable
Design: BRIX
Producer: William Baggs

Production Notes[]

  • Though the second story of season two, The Mutant Phase was the first to be recorded.
  • This story features Liz Knight's only appearance in the role of Ria. Patricia Merrick played her in the character's first story, Maenad, because it was recorded after this one.
  • Jim Mortimore provided the incidental music for this story after its original composer, Brian Marshall, only managed to deliver five minutes worth for episode one.
  • Though originally meant to be recorded alongside the rest of the cast, the temperamental nature of the ring modulator meant that a second session was required to record the Dalek voices.
  • The opening scene was written and recorded during the Dalek session.
  • This story was remade by Big Finish Productions as part of their monthly range releases and part of the Dalek Empire series. This version featured the Fifth Doctor and companion, Nyssa.


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