Doctor Who Expanded
The Little Red Doctor
No. seasons: 4
First appearance: Dawn of the Doctor
Last appearance: The Fall of the Doctor
Portrayed by: Luke Newman
Preceded by: The Blonde Doctor
The Forehead Doctor
Succeeded by: The Purple Doctor
Series: DW2012

The Little Red Doctor is an incarnation of The Time Lord known as The Doctor portrayed by Luke Newman and The Little Red Doctor starring in the series of Doctor Who Fan Films otherwise known as DW2012 It stands for DynamicWorks2012 making his debut in Dawn of the Doctor

Doctor Who : Dawn of The Doctor : The rise of a new Doctor, the return of a familiar evil. After The Previous Doctor regenerating, a new Doctor is born, thrown right into the action the new Doctor has to save the world and the whole of humanity before it's too late.

After the little red doctor's regenerates into The Purple Doctor in The Fall of the Doctor. It's unknown how many incarnations preceded the Little Red Doctor, but in his debut adventure he said he was almost ten thousand years old.


The Little Red Doctor is known to be fearsome and somewhat spiky verion of The Doctor although he can be sharp at times his two hearts of pure gold always shine through always thinkking and fast acting this version of The Doctor welcomes all yet keeps his enemies at bay and on their toes, Sporting a selection of red coats along side the odd blue coat he creates a iconic look for the time lord leaving his own mark on the world of Doctor Who, The Little Red Doctor travels the universe with wonder in his eyes with a love of the universe in his heart.


  • Jessica Whitehouse
  • Lily Roberts
  • Megan Williams
  • K9