Doctor Who Expanded
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Season Two, Episode Two
Air date 10/10/11
Written by Matthew Beale
Directed by Matthew Beale
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The Power of the Mind
What Lurks in the Shadows
The Legion of the Damned

Jack holds Sarn against a wall when he finds out what Sally is carrying.

This is the second episode of the second series of Plover Close.


Can you trust the Time Agency? When Sarn arrives in Braseford and causes a stir it's up to Jack and Sally to stop him. But lives are at stake when marching the streets are the Legion of the Damned.


  • This episode shows the return of Jack's nemesis Agent Sarn Darvak who we'd last seen in Jack's Prisoner
  • This episode has a prequel which was released to Beale11's Channel and shows how Sarn escaped the Time Agent's Prison and came to meet Agent Trion by the lakeside
  • There are many new cast members as apose to the usual 3 and a villian. This episode stars Agent Trion, the Zhornid, Chancellor Goi Vor Zonah, the Newsreader and legion members.

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The Legion of the Damned