Doctor Who Expanded
The Last Adventure

The Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctor's in Cambridge

Doctor Who: The Last Adventure is a three-part story produced by IBC Productions depicting the Doctor's final adventure, and features the Twelfth and Thirteenth Doctors, depicted by Paterson Joseph and Aly Hannigan. The story is notably small-scale for the circumstances of the Doctor's death, featuring no major villains from the series' history. The story features flashbacks to the cricumstances of the introduction and regenerations of the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), Twelfth Doctor (Joseph) and Thirteenth Doctor (Hannigan), as well as the destruction of the Daleks and the Brigadier's funeral. The story underwent several titles, including The Circus of Doom and The Final Day.


Part One[]

The Doctor (Aly Hannigan) and her companions Arthur and Rosanne land in Cambridge in 2005, were the Doctor is hopeing to meet and old friend, Professor Arnold Stevens, world-renowned expert on ancient human remains. The Doctor, friends and the Professor meet in a cofee shop, were the reminice over past events such as the regenerations of the Eleventh and Twelfth (Paterson Jospeh) Doctor's, the Thirteenth Doctor's first adventure (travelling with Stevens at the time) and the recent final end of the Daleks.

Meanwhile, a archeological dig beneath a old church has uncovered a ancient human skelingtonm dating back to the thirteenth centuary. When the body is exhumed by two of Stevens' students, a firery red energy engulfs the students, who are killed and reanimated as drones of the Pyraxis, a race of flame-like entities buried beneath the church.

Back in the cofee shop, the Doctor reads in the paper that people have been vanishing around a local circus, going to investigate with Arthur, the Doctor is met by the strange ringmaster, Mr Roselvelt, and his travelling clown museum. Arthur decides to hide in the museum after closing hours, to see if anything suspicious happens. That night, Arthur witnesses two young tourists being abducted by one of the suppodedly inaminate clowns. Inside the museum, Arthur watches as the Ringmaster lock the students in a mysterious cabinet. Unbeknowest to Argtur, however, a giant reptilian hand is reaching out behind him...

Part Two[]

Part Three[]

Realising the last of the Pyraxis resides in her mind, and will eventually consume her and conquer the universe, the Doctor sacrifices herself by leaping from the top of Cambridge univestity.


  • The Doctor's ressurection at the end leads into the next story, Ressurection of Time.
  • The Twelfth Doctor's demise is depicted as the fault of giant spiders, whilst the Thirteenth Doctor's first story featured Quarks and giant Wasps.
  • The story is hinted at leading on to the DWAD stories.