Doctor Who Expanded
The Kiwi Doctor
First appearance: Enter The Doctor
Portrayed by: Eamon Longmann
Series: Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse

"Absolutely, rule one, don't let others get hurt... actually that's like rule eight, I have a lot of rules."

The Kiwi Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Eamon Longmann as part of Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse. He first appeared in Enter The Doctor, which was uploaded to the Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse YouTube channel in November 2022.

On August 24th 2023, it was announced that Eamon Longmann, who portrayed the Kiwi Doctor would no longer be associated with DWEM or What Fourth Wall Productions (W4W). It was ultimately decided that the final three regular episodes of Kiwi Doctor would be released onto the DWEM YouTube channel, but that would be the final use of the character within the shared continuity of DWEM and W4W. Longmann has since announced that he will continue the Kiwi Doctors story on his own YouTube channel, but these will be a separate continuity.


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