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Hand of peace
The Hand of Peace
Season: 3
Story Number: 3
Doctor: Planet Skaro Doctor
Companions: Edward Bradley
Writer: Jon Masters
Producer: Planet Skaro Audios
Release Date: June 2009
Running Time: 50 minutes
No. Episodes: 2
Previous Story: Blood Money
Following Story: Wealth of Craytians



It's 2012. And, with natural and man-made disasters striking all over the world, it seems that only the Hand of Peace organisation has all of the answers. But is there such a thing as a quick fix? Edward Bradley is, once again, working undercover. This time with UNIT. Meanwhile, the Doctor is on a quest of his own - to find an old friend...


  • This is the first appearance of UNIT in a Planet Skaro audio. Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart is also referenced.
  • Edward Bradley states that he knows 'the 21st century is when everything changes', a reference to 'Torchwood'.
  • This story features the return of K'Anpo, the Doctor's old mentor, who first appeared in the TV series in the story 'Planet of the Spiders'.




  • Doctor Who - Paul Monk
  • Doctor Jorgen - Jonno Simmons
  • Reverend Philip Walker - Dave Tudor
  • Major Davies - Katherine Riedtmann
  • K'Anpo - Antony Cox
  • Newsreader 1 - Dave Taylor
  • Journalist - Simon Hart
  • UNIT Squaddie - Jonathan Masters
  • Bryant / Newsreader 2 - Si Hunt
  • Taxi Driver - Phillip Madeley

Other parts are played by members of the cast


  • Written by Jon Masters
  • Directed by Simon Hart
  • Production / Sound Design by Si Hunt
  • Cover Artwork by Pip Productions

Production Notes[]

  • This was one of three story ideas that Jon Masters submitted, and was the one that got the most favourable response from the production team.
  • Jon's script was initially underrunning quite heavily. So, as well as script editing it, Simon Hart ended up writing some new material in order to bring it up to the correct length. The Doctor/Ed confrontation in episode 2 was his main contribution.


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