Doctor Who Expanded
The Groovy Doctor
First appearance: The Judged
Portrayed by: Jed T. E. Rhodes
Preceded by: The Blonde Doctor
Series: What Fourth Wall Productions

""Hi! I’m the Doctor, and I am the Kwisadch Haderach!"

The Groovy Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Jed T. E. Rhodes as part of Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse and What Fourth Wall Productions. He is aware of his status as a fan Doctor and is known for his tendency to break the fourth wall to humorous effect.

He first appeared in The Judged, which was uploaded to the Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse YouTube channel along with his whole first series in 2023, these episodes were later reuploaded to the What Fourth Wall Productions YouTube channel, and this is where all future series will debut.

He is one of the original incarnation of the Doctor to appear in Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse, being the direct successors to The Blonde Doctor, and an earlier incarnation to The Techno Doctor, though it is currently unknown how many Doctors exist between them.


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