Doctor Who Expanded
The Goblin Doctor
First appearance: Man in the Mirror
Portrayed by: Matthew Mills
Succeeded by: The Cat Doctor
Series: What Fourth Wall Productions

"For once, I'd like it to be small scale, just someone loosing their keys or something, preferably ones with shiny keychains."

The Goblin Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by Matthew Mills as part of Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse and What Fourth Wall Productions.

He first appeared in Man in the Mirror, which was a crossover with The Mth Doctor from Man-At-Desk Productions, another incarnation played by Mills, though in a different continuity. Man in the Mirror was first uploaded to the What Fourth Wall Productions YouTube channel in May 2023.

He is the earliest original incarnation of the Doctor to appear in Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse, existing somewhere between the official BBC Doctors and The Blonde Doctor. Though it is currently unknown how many Doctors exist between them, the Doctor Who Expansive Multiverse Twitter posted that The Goblin Doctor exists 'far back in the past, long before the Blonde Doctor'.


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