Doctor Who Expanded
Lilly Nelson Doctor
No. stories: 3
First appearance: A Dame to Kill
Last appearance: The Weeping Elves
Portrayed by: Lilly Nelson
Preceded by: The Argyle Doctor
Series: Doctor Who: The Ginger Chronicles

"Bun becomes enormous when you're a girl." - The Doctor, shortly after regenerating.

The Lilly Nelson Doctor, is an incarnation of the Time Lord who appears in fan film series The Ginger Chronicles, alongside her her companions, married couple Jim and Liz Baker. She debuted in A Dame to Kill, which was uploaded to YouTube in July 2014.

It's unknown which number incarnation she is, but when she confronted the Master they discussed the events of the 2010/2011 episode The End of Time as if this was the first time they had seen each other since. Implying that this is an alternative timeline to the main BBC show, splitting from the main show sometime between The End of Time and 2014's Deep Breath.


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Jim and Liz Baker.