Doctor Who Expanded
The Final Adventure
Christopher Thomson Doctor
D.I. Ian Wisher
Writer Christopher Thomson
Director Christopher Thomson
Studio Teenz Inc
Broadcast July to August 2008
Production code Specials.
Running time Approx. 68 minutes
Number of
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"Christmas with the Enemy" "The Ultimate Conflict"



After a failed attempt to thwart the Daleks on the planet Zstem, the Doctor is attacked by an unknown force and is forced to land on Earth.

Meanwhile on Earth, D.I. Ian Wisher from Scotland Yard, investigates into a mysterious mobile telephone company. The company had only been formed over a matter of days and now claims to be successful. However, as the Doctor realises, the company is a disguise for the Daleks in their new master plan.

With a kidnapped scientist, a mind-controlled businessman, and an investor with his own sinister plans... the Doctor faces the Daleks and an old foe in, what may be, his final adventure.


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The Doctor: Christopher Thomson
D.I. Ian Wisher: Ryan Whitelock
John Barnes: Timothy Wooldridge
Professor Stephen Jennings: Nick Miles
Sir Samuel Denton/Davros: David Nagel
Alice Parker: Sammy Nagel
Dalek Voices: Benji Clifford, Christopher Thomson


Writer, Producer and Director: Christopher Thomson
Script Editor: David Nagel
Music By: Gavin Salkeld, Murray Gold, Ron Grainer
Co-Directed By: David Hyde

Production Notes[]

Filming took place in Chelmsford, Essex, and Wyboston Lakes, Cambridgeshire.

The episode was intended to reprise Christopher Thomson's Doctor from The Christopher Thomson Series, but however, the two characters are very different. (This maybe due to this incarnation's 2-3 year absense since the end of the CT Series, The Terror of Christmas, for unknown reasons, was never made and is now a Lost Story. Durring which some gaps from his timeline were filled in by this Doctor's appearences in the Children in Need Crossover Special, Pudsai, the fan-film, The Edge of Retribution and the animated story, Christmas with the Enemy.)

The ending scene to the episode was redrafted and refilmed twice before the final release version. The original ending resulted in the Doctor dying in a field after giving a monologue to the camera. This was changed through to the Doctor dying in the alleyway, and Ian Wisher would carry the body into the TARDIS and let it flow across the universe as a tomb of the 'legendary wanderer'. However after a meeting with the cast and crew, it was agreed an episode would follow on, and the ending scene was changed to the released version.

The filming was spread out over the course of one year. Between two dates that David Nagel was involved in, he married fellow co-star Sammy Nagel.

The Doctor's costume, is again, different to his previous costume. It was then changed into a tuxedo, but still keeping the blue shirt and trainers. In a way, this is refering to David Tennant's Doctor in a few episodes of the BBC series.


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