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The Fall of U.N.I.T was a story which concluded the current plot to the series, the following episode (PROSE: Aftermath) followed Agent McaQuire and Daayvees in their realisation of what happened.


U.N.I.T is revealed to have half of their organization workforce to be double-agents working for rival terrorist organization Dalek Legion. U.N.I.T 0-6 are split after Agent Tamela reveals herself as a double agent, eliminating Agent Smithers, and escaping the Boeing.


While onboard the Boeing, the team's plane is intercepted by HenceFore, and they are redirected back to H.Q, by the control of Commander Tia. The team receive a transmission that was being transmitted on UNITs frequency, which was a message for all Dalek Legion agents to reveal themselves and attack UNIT. Agent Tamela reveals herself as a double agent, executing as many personnel she can while on board the Boeing. She successfully eliminates Agent Smithers, while knocking Agent Daayvees unconscious. She fires a shot into Agent McaQuire, and flees the plane, parachuting mid-air.

Steven helps Agent Daayvees, a scientific advisor and a Private to get onboard the Other House, ejecting it out of the plane, just as HenceFore locks onto the plane, firing a missile at the plane, and successfully blowing it up.

At HenceFore, Dalek Legion begin to execute UNIT personnel, raiding sever rooms, and planting multiple bombs around the base. In Storage Facility Two, Agent Chalou and six other officers are surrounding the House and Android Duplicate when the transmission was sent out and revealed Dalek Legion, four of the guards in Storage Facility Two were double agents, and began to attack Chalou and the other two UNIT Officers. Chalou successfully defended the House and the Android duplicate of The Doctor, before attempting to escape by running towards the TARDIS. Commander Tia, who was revealed to be a double agent, entered the Storage Facility and shot Chalou in the back before he could escape. Commander Tia attempted to enter the TARDIS inside the House, but accidentally initiated a self destruct sequence, which she escaped with a second to spare, diving out of the second floor window.

Brigadier Harrow narrowly escapes using a Bell Boeing, but a few Agents who attempted to escape with her are gunned down by Agents of Dalek Legion. At the end of the story, Tia reports the success to a mysterious voice.