Doctor Who Expanded
The Fairytale Doctor
First appearance: Standby
Portrayed by: George Guidera
Preceded by: The Divine Doctor
Succeeded by: The Astral Doctor
Series: Instability Productions

"Ridiculous? Charley, I'm being deadly serious!"

The Fairytale Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor played by George Guidera as part of Instability Productions, he first appeared in the live action minisode Standby, released in November 2021, followed a month later with the full length audio episode The Teddy Bear Compact.

He was originally known as The Waistcoat Doctor, but this was changed to Fairytale as Guidera felt this better reflected the character.

Guidera has portrayed other incarnations of the Doctor, notable two versions of The Blonde Doctor (though these have appeared across multiple production groups), as well as The Yth Doctor with Man-At-Desk Productions.


This Doctor is a goober. He is a happy showman who just wants to enjoy the universe and all it was to offer. He’s often just singing in the TARDIS, making jokes or finding way to keep busy. He’s very caring, accepting and always tries to see the best in others, though can be blinded by anger when facing Daleks or cybermen, especially if one of his friends are hurt.

This Doctor is an emotional incarnation. The highs feel amazing, but the lows hit hard. Despite his seemingly idiotic nature, this Doctor is a very quick thinker and good at analysis, essentially a Columbo like character.

Surprisingly, this Doctor is also a really good pilot when it comes to flying the TARDIS. This Doctor does have a dark side that does come out from time to time, though he is normally considered one of the nice ones, but at times has that dark element we sometimes see from the Doctor.

This Doctor is very much regarded as the fairytale hero and this is something he loves, not because of ego, but because of how he is able to inspire hope in people. This an work against him though and he does face the negative consequences of this.

`his style is classic Doctor, but very much stands out in a crowd. He loves bright waistcoats and shirts. He doesn’t seem to click people don't like his style and thinks it's the best.


The Fairytale Doctor was a young man, with thick blonde hair and a kind smile.

This Doctor's attire usually consisted of smart black trousers, a white shirt, a variety of colourfully patterned waistcoats and a dark blue velvet blazer. It was uncommon for him to wear a tie.