Doctor Who Expanded
The Faceless Terror
Season Number: 5
Story Number: 25
Doctor: Vincent Savage Doctor
Companions: Lyssa, Mark Newman
Writer: David Segal
Producer: DWAD
Release Date: 1982
Running Time: unknown
No. Episodes: 4
Previous Story: The Space War
Following Story: Invasion: Earth

The Faceless Terror is the 25th story of the Doctor Who Audio Dramas and the fifth and final story of Season 5.

== Story==

=== Synopsis ===
to be added

=== Plot ===
to be added

=== Continuity ===
Companion Mark Newman joins the TARDIS crew in this story.
This story is currently unavailable.


=== Cast ===
Doctor Who: Vincent Savage
Lyssa: Marsha Dennam
Mark Newman: James Darren

=== Crew ===
to be added

=== Production Information ==
Production Code: 25A
Production Number: 19A25
(c) 1982 $egal/CHORD Productions

== Links ==
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