Doctor Who Expanded
The Executive
Affiliated Time Agency
Flower Aliens
Home era Unknown
First appearance "Point of No Return"
Last appearance "Judgement Day"
Portrayed by Christopher Thomson

The Executive is a fictional character played by Christopher Thomson in Time Agent.


The Executive first appeared at the end of "Point of No Return", when he ordered some of his Flower Aliens to capture Agent Liam and Captain Tobias. He then ordered the Flower Alien to let Liam go, and then he walked away with Tobias.

Throughout the third series, a lot more was learnt about the Executive. He was known to be the head of Vision-X Industries and claims to be working for a God. He was also at the Necropolis in Egypt, 1923. Yet, he was still alive in 2011. This was later explained, due to the fact that he could respawn when killed.

The Executive killed himself in front of Agent Liam, Agent Mortis and Dr. Robin Turner after his Vision-X Tower was destroyed. It is yet to be revealed where he has respawned.


Series 3[]

3.1 - "Point of No Return"
3.2 - "First Contact"
3.3 - "Downfall"
3.4 - "One Against an Army"
3.5 - "Sins of the Past"
3.6 - "Judgement Day"