Doctor Who Expanded

The Edge of Discovery
Season: 1
Story Number: 2a
Doctor: Our Doctor (The Game of Rassilon)
Companions: Travis Killian, Amelia Earhart
Writer: Ben Paddon & Michael Nixon
Producer: The Game of Rassilon
Release Date: 2019-03-13
Running Time: 54 minutes
No. Episodes: 1
Previous Story: The Cost of Progress
Following Story: Where Angels Fear To Trek



The Doctor reveals her TARDIS to her companions. Millie and Travis meet the ship’s fourth passenger.


  • This is considered part of the second serial.
  • This episode directly follows from the the previous serial, and leads into the beginning of Where Angels Fear To Trek.
  • The function of the TARDIS randomiser is reiterated.
  • The TARDIS creates bedrooms to suit Millie and Travis' personal tastes and preferences, though mixes up some of the decor, giving Millie a duvet with a Care Bears duvet cover with matching pillow case, while Travis' bedding is airplane-themed.
    • A joke is also made about Travis' murphy bed being "bigger on the inside", suggesting it occupies a smaller space when stowed than it does when pulled down.
  • The TARDIS corridors take on appearances resembling past TARDIS aesthetics from the show. Most prominently, the secondary control room used during the Fourth Doctor's era plays a heavy part.
  • The TARDIS zoo, featured in a handful of novels and comics, is also seen.
  • The ambient audio for the TARDIS interior matches the audio used during the First Doctor's era.
  • Though mentioned in the previous serial, this is the first time Gunther plays a part in the narrative.


Unlike most audio productions, which are pre-scripted and recorded with voice actors, The Game of Rassilon plays out as a tabletop roleplaying game. The writers plot out the campaign, but the players' decisions influence the narrative.



Production Notes[]

  • Though listed as a single-episode story, this leads directly into Where Angels Fear To Trek and is considered a part of that serial.
  • The episode is tagged as "interlude" on the Game of Rassilon website. This may mirror the Lunar Interludes in the Balance arc of The Adventure Zone.
  • The episode title is similar to "The Edge of Destruction" which, like this episode, is a bottle story set entirely within the TARDIS.
    • The use of the word "Discovery" in the title also foreshadows the Star Trek style nature of the next serial.
  • One piece of library music from Kevin MacLeod - "Bent and Broken" - is used in this episode.
  • Recorded at Geeky Teas & Games in Burbank, California.


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