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The Dweek Area


Created By
Ron Badson (no matter what Alex says)
Alex Deesold

Ron Badson

Geof Geofferson

John Johnson
Country of origin
United Kingdom

The Dweek Area is a high qaulity Dr Who collab channel that delivers high qaultiy reviews, sketches, and audio dramas. Youtube Channel


The channel has a long and complex history. After many copyright attacks and backstabbing incidents resulted in many deletions and then reboots of the channel, there was a final relaunch in 2015 that has stuck to this day and been very popular in the Doctor Who Fandom.


The area initially contained 5 members, however the 5th member Steve unfortunately died in 2015 under mysterious circumstances. The reamaing Dweeks decided to not replace the 5th Dweek and instead just leave it at 4 members.

Alex Deesold - The current team leader even though he doesn't do a very good job. 

Ron Badson - Second in command and he will one day be the team leader.

John Johnson - A great Dweek but often has to go out for his dinner so doesn't produce that much content. 

Geof Geofferson - He has a Werewolf action figure. 

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Ron Badson
Alex Deesold
John Johnson
Geof Geofferson
Steve DEAD

Audio Dramas[]

They channel also produces audio dramas starring their own wacky versions of the Doctor as of June 2015. So far their Doctors have face planes, Daleks, the Illuminati, and Quarks, with many more adventures to come.

The Doctors so far are:

  • The Jeally Bean Doctor - Geof Geofferson
  • The Self Righteous Doctor - Alex Deesold
  • The Monocle Doctor - Ron Badson
  • The Cray-Zee and Silly Doctor - John Johnson

There where initially early pilot episodes recording in the early years of TDA, however mot of these are bad qaulity and not up to current TDA standerds and have the sound of members parents in the background as they were recorded at the kitchen table. 

42 Allonsy Avenue[]

42 Allonsy Avenue is an animated sitcom featuring all the Dweeks living together in a cool apartment and getting up to hijanks. While Steve couldn't be in it obviously because of his death, he is represented in the series through his character being a wacky ghost that haunts the apartment. Ghost Steve is voiced by Alex Deesold because obviously Steve is dead. The Dweeks have plans to produce 100 episodes and allso a feature length movie that will tie up all the loose endss of the series.