Doctor Who Expanded
4 – The Dream Master
Season 26B episode
The Dream Master R2 Cover
Starring Paul McGann
• Paul McGann (Eighth Doctor)
• Alexandra Moen (Lucy Saxon)
• Philip Austin (K9)

• David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)
• John Simm (The Master)
• Derek Jacobi (The Master)
• Peter Pratt (The Master)
• Eric Roberts (The Master)
• Anthony Ainley (The Master)
• Roger Delgado (The Master)

Writer Steve Pearson
Director Steve Pearson
Producer Steve Pearson & Dan Armitage
Production code 4
Series Season 26B
Length 1 episode, 45 minutes
Originally broadcast July 2009
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Memoirs in Time The Girl That Time Forgot

 The Dream Master is a serial of a fan series of Doctor Who by Season 26B. It stars Paul McGann and Alexandra Moen as the Eighth Doctor and Lucy Saxon respectively



It has been one year since the events of Last of the Time Lords. Lucy Saxon is now a lawyer in Sydney, on bail. However she is troubled by the sounds of drumming in her dreams. Is she being contacted from beyond the grave by her late husband - the Master. Or is she going mad? Only one man can help her - but is this strange man calling himself the Doctor, the same man she met during that paradoxial year aboard the Valient? 


All previous onscreen actors to play The Master appear through either video or audio clips. Lucy Saxon is seen alive and well despite her apparent death in The End of Time. The Tenth Doctor appears in a flashback from the chronological earlier story "Last of the Time Lords".


'The Dream Master' (previously released under the title The Nightmare Man) was envisioned as a way to create a multi-Master story; through Lucy Saxon. It was the first story to use chromakey (albeit in a minor fashion) and did not include any "Doctor-Voiceovers". Following the release of The End of Time, an apparent continuity error has been brought up, concerning Lucy Saxon's fate. However, this episode is set before that one and this point shall be emphasised in the eventual remastered release.