Doctor Who Expanded
The Doctor (13th)
No. seasons: 1
No. stories: 3
First appearance: #GalliferyFound
Portrayed by: Jason
Preceded by: Twelfth Doctor
Series: Doctor Who Parody

This incarnation from Doctor Who Parody 

Characters []

This incarnation from an alternate 1969. He is the result of crack open into alternate earth while his twelfth regenerated. 

He had been married to unknown companion in 1970

He told his unknown wife about Two heaths Timelord 12 regenerations 

He was on hoilday with unknown wife when she say i'm pregnant 

He had figth with his wife who was 9 month pregnant with twins in 1974

He had infomation by poilce she was died in 1976 

He is depression so just decided to leave before he left a son (6) and a daugther (9)  with his grandmother 

His daughter got married to unknown person in 1980

His Son when join up in UNIT then he got married to unknown woman in 1985

He just travelled around earth planet for 1977 - 1989 with his daugther and her hushand 

He was told by his son to come his house party on January 7 1995 but he did not appeared

He been missing since 1995 

Companions []


Unknown Wife (1970 - 1976)

Unknown Daugther (1975 - 

Unknown Son in law (1988 -  

Unknown Daugther in law (?)

Unknown Granddaugther (?) 

Unknown Son (1975 -

Unknown Grandfather and Unknown Grandmother (1953 -